Kamala’s Speech Writers Must Hate Her


Kamala Harris gave another one of her childish speeches, written by someone who must hate her. This one was about electricity.

To paraphrase, Kamala said we have half a million miles of transmission lines we could wrap around the globe 24 times. And they are connected to power plants where electricity is created. It then goes to homes and schools. When you charge your laptop or turn on a light, blah, blah, blah, you rely on our nation’s power lines.

This is from the Vice President of the United States to adults. Maybe she thinks we all need to be spoken to as if we are ten years of age.

Whatever the case, she is entertaining.

Here she is using a lot of words to say nothing – worse than nothing. Basically, she’s interested in the iterations and variations that include extreme weather that produces a lot of water and extreme weather that produces drought.

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