Ronna McDaniel Accuses Opponent of Lying – Can’t Name One, Won’t Debate


With one week to go before the vote on who will lead the RNC, Ronna McDaniel will not debate. She has accused her opponent, prominent conservative attorney Harmeet Dhillon, of lying about her. When asked for examples, she couldn’t give any.

Incumbent RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel has attacked her competition Harmeet Dhillon as a liar who doesn’t have the skills to do her job. She continued those statements on Steve Bannon’s podcast on Friday. When Bannon asked for examples, she didn’t come up with any. Instead, she said, “she’s not going down to that level.” Bannon pressed her for the top one or two lies, and all she came up with was they say “that the RNC picks the candidates and plays.” She “thinks” that’s “disingenuous.”

That was part I of the interview.

The reporting on the RNC’s finances was misleading. Dhillon didn’t have anything to do with that.

In part II, McDaniel said she wants to unite everyone around the nominee, whoever it is.

Bannon said Republicans don’t present as an opposition to Democrats, which is what is needed to win. They have been a “soft version of the Democrats.”

Ronna claimed both Kari Lake and Herschel Walker lost because of Republican infighting.

Bannon disagreed, saying Republicans who fought Kari Lake are closer to Democrats and too close to monied interests.

McDaniel repeated that we all have to agree. Watch:

Harmeet Dhillon said Ronna had her six year run and oversaw failed elections, not to blame one person but she is the leader. She believes it’s time for change.

Ronna won’t debate. “It’s a fake news lie,” she responded.

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