Kamau Bell demands reparations, mocks white people in special on CNN


W. Kamau Bell’s special, United Shades of America, doesn’t want “united shades.” What he wants is white peoples’ stuff because white people living today are somehow responsible for the enslavement of black people.

According to Bell, “all the free labor” African Americans gave white people prior to their emancipation deserves serious financial recompense.

Why should black people who were never enslaved get money from people who never enslaved them?

The recompense has been paid. It was called the Civil War.


In the episode, one of several, the race pimp took his CNN crew to the U.S. party destination of New Orleans. He seems to think enslavement by white people made it impossible for them to succeed.

“There’s no city in the country that combines the best of America’s blackness, the pain of America’s racism, and the pain of watching white folks exercising all their rights.”  As he spoke, images of white people partying on Bourbon Street flashed on the screen. That made him groan.

Yeah, how dare they have fun!

He doesn’t even like innocent white people.

That is open contempt for white people having fun in New Orleans on a major cable station.

Racial grievance and “poisonous resentment” filled the production, as Newsbusters pointed out.

Bell bloviated on the fake history chronicle, “1619 Project” and other Marxist Black Lives Matter rhetoric. He also talked about the racism that allegedly caused COV to affect black people more than whites. They want reparations for that also.

Newsbusters reported that Bell interviewed Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the “1619 Project” and the woman who has claimed that the “white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world.”

Bell called it “an unvarnished look into the legacy of American slavery,” even though it’s an unvarnished lie as many historians have stated. It’s an anti-American, Marxist retelling — fabrication — of U.S. history that begins falsely claiming the US began in 1619 with the first slave.

Kamau Bell is anti-white, and as Newsbusters recounts: In one pathetic sequence, a white man walks in between Bell and the camera during the re-enactment and the exasperated host throws his hands up saying, “Even at the rebellion re-enactment, white people walk through the shot.”

Good grief.

That’s hate, baby.



  1. The worst crime of whites against blacks is the compulsion to civilize them and make them into images of ourselves. Not only is this futile but leads to conflict and violence. Segregation was a failure, integration a catastrophe for all, leaving separation as the only solution. There is no other way forward.

    • Keep in mind that if you are feeding the AT&T beast that AT&T owns CNN and is supporting this trash! Show AT&T how much you care by dropping any service you have with them until they realize the error of their ways!!

  2. If these black moron wants to take my home, they better come locked and loaded, because I sure will be and we will see who come out ahead.

  3. How can any of them call it free labor. They were fed, clothed and housed much better than they were in their homeland. And any ‘free labor’ you do get out of te whiners is generally in slow motion and sometimes even in reverse.

    The only legitimate reparations would be to help any that are willing to move back to anywhere in Africa thye deem is their homeland – if they will have the whiners!

  4. Repatriation — Is the only viable plan…Send them home to whatever country on the African continent will take them..That is what they say they desire — No White people telling them what to do…No White people making the rules…No White people with all the money…In Africa, they will get what they want…See how many would take up the offer…

    • You have a hope in hell…they might be stupid but they are not crazy…Rosie and quite a few of the Hollyweirdos promised to leave if Trump was elected…yet there has not been ONE out migration to the best of my knowledge…the lazy whiners will be slaves forever, it is ingrained in their minds…and in certain parts of Africa TODAY they would be lucky to be enslaved as they most likely would be considered useless and summarily put out of their misery…

  5. The man is consumed with bitterness and hatred spreading it nationwide CNN has the nerve to show it, will never watch anything on that channel. So based on his hypothesis, America owes China millions of dollars because Chinese helped build the railroads and towns in the West.

    • CNN and MSNBC are the absolute worst of the bad lot that consider themselves to be the Main sewer Stream fake Media…the collective IQ of them AND their audience would be hard pressed to break double digits…even if you include Mich of bama…

  6. “… took his CNN crew to the U.S. party destination of New Orleans ….”

    Kamau Bell picked the wrong city/state to complain about the enslavement of blacks by white people: The census of 1830 lists 965 free BLACK slave owners in Louisiana, owning 4,206 slaves. In 1860, about 28% of free blacks in New Orleans owned slaves. And when the Civil War broke out, some of these free black slave owners offered their services to the Confederacy.
    Will Kamau Bell demand that descendants of black slave owners pay reparations to black slaves?

    • You are dealing with ignorance…an idiot wrote a book titled “Who were the Savages”…and like all these “wronged” peoples they, like the entire corrupt MSM, completely omit the other side of the story as it does not “fit” their agenda…it is like the blm idiots not seeing that they are an old black and white photo negative image of the kkk…or antifa, a reincarnation of the “brown shirts”/red guards…

  7. Kamua is no different than the vast majority of blacks. They hate white, resent whites and think they are entitled to everything we have. It’s more frustrating that so many whites actually hate themselves for being white or they’re too scared to speak out. I don’t blame blacks for feeling entitled and resentful at whites. I blame whites for not strongly and consistently challenging this anti-white narrative that has been allowed to fester for so long. Now it’s gotten to the point where they are killing our own kids and whites do nothing about it.

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