Kari Lake, “We Are a Wild West State!”


Kari Lake‘s personal story is everything America stands for. It’s not a story of coastal elites. She grew up poor in a family of nine with a strong work ethic. Her story is inspiring.

The media has claimed she’s really a liberal, but that isn’t true. She has been a Republican since she was 18.

Kari Lake is a religious woman, and Ronald Reagan was her hero. Kari said her job as a janitor gave her the best experience to prepare her for politics.

COVID changed her. She had to walk away from a big salary when she realized the media had become immoral.

About Arizona, she said, “We are a Red State. We are a Wild West state! And we demand common sense, not communism. It can go right back to California. We don’t want it.”


Liz Cheney, who has nothing much to do nowadays, decided she will do whatever she can to see Kari Lake defeated. Kari Lake slammed her with her response you can hear in the next clip. Kari is very bright as compared to the people currently in power in our country. I’m not saying this to be cruel, just factual.

Liz Cheney condemning Kari Lake is an endorsement for Kari. The Lincoln Project pedo-enablers also don’t like her – another endorsement.

Her opponent, far left, Katie Hobbs, won’t debate her. Hobbs would rather just yell at her and lie about her through the media.

Mrs. Lake is going to win.

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