Karl Marx News: Forbes’ Racist Article on De-Centering Whiteness


We have a new term by which to demonize white people, and it’s called white centering. There are too many white people centering. According to an article by Janice Gassam Asare, we must de-center the workplace.

Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, is furious over the article and launched an investigation into her DEI firm to see if she gets any Ohio money. Every state should be doing this, but it seems he’s the only one so far.

Vance called the article “racist and gross.”
Janice Gassam Asare


In the article by Janice Gassam Asare, titled, 3 Ways to Transform Your Workplace to be More Equitable, she claims white people hurt other non-white groups and cultures by their [existence and] dominance.

“White-centering can be thought of as a system that prioritizes white dominant culture to the detriment of non-white groups and cultures,” she writes. “White-centering has been given many names, including the white gaze [minorities don’t exist outside the white gaze] and whiteness as the default [everyone has to look and sound white]. Because white-centering is often left unexamined and unchecked, equity and justice have continued to evade organizations.”

A White Gaze

She references a dated, unscientific experiment and calls it a study, claiming people with black-sounding names don’t get callbacks for jobs.

Nowhere does she allow for the possibility that the minorities in question might be unqualified.

“White-centering also impacts the advancement and promotion process in a number of ways,” calling it the concrete ceiling, quoting a far-left author at the far-left Aspen Institute.

Asare claims whiteness influences in endless ways. She picks three areas to de-center or eliminate or marginalize white people.

Education: Asare bemoans the inadequate results of corporate DEI.  “According to a recent Catalyst report that explored workplace racism, whiteness as the default plays a pivotal role in allowing racist behaviors to continue. The acceptance of white dominant culture as the norm leads to the othering of employees that don’t meet these standards.” She concludes that white centering must end since that’s the problem.

Objectivity: She calls for decentering workplace cultures – their values, norms, and mores. She claims that whiteness intrudes on objectivity and normalcy and must be de-centered.

Accountability: To her, it means “regardless of an employee’s perceived productivity or performance,” “if they cause racial harm [if they’re white], they must be held accountable.” She wants “accountability systems” for “equity and sustainability.” She wants more than DEI training. Asare appears to want a systemically anti-white system set up, presumably with punishments for whites and rewards for minorities.

This is Marxism at its worst.

Black people are now victims of white people by the very existence of white people.


“I’m just done with this s—. It’s racist, and it’s gross,” Vance said. “Forbes should be ashamed of themselves for publishing it,” he wrote. “The author is a ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ consultant. I’ve directed my staff to investigate whether her ‘business’ receives any public money from Ohio.”

In response, Asare claimed that Vance misunderstood the concept of “decentering whiteness” and offered to provide further clarification through her book on the subject.

Asare claims it’s not about white people.

The Federalist editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway and fellow Federalist writer David Harsanyi, expressed disapproval of both the article and Forbes for promoting what they called anti-American sentiments and racism.

Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy also chimed in, arguing against the idea of “decentering whiteness” by suggesting it equated to firing white individuals.

He called it “racism without the possibility of reverse racism.”

Another commented, “Abolition of DEI should be part of the Anti-Communist Manifesto.”

“Written by a DEI consultant, so of course it’s going to be racist against Whites,” another comment read.

A third user commented, “Why is racism against white people ok? Please explain.”

Harmeet Dhillon is here to help:

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Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
3 months ago

Apparently, we whites are just too organized, too productive, and too self-restrained for “minorities.” It makes them feel bad about their chaotic environments and lives, their weak work ethic, and their tendency to “act out.” So we have to go…or at least, our values must go. Never mind the consequences.

3 months ago

That worked out real well in Haiti