Lying RINO Karl Rove comments on Afghans being sent to swing states


The politicized DHS is sending Afghan refugees to swing states and the reason why is clear? It’s the same reason we have open borders.

The reason we have an unsustainable crisis at the border is democrats want a one-party state with them in charge.

When Afghans were rushed over here, the Taliban got to decide who got through their roadblocks and most of them were not citizens, green card holders, or SIVs. Now, Biden wants to give them lifetime welfare, and a rapid path to citizenship. He also wants all restrictions removed on their applications for amnesty. They can be criminals, terrorists, whatever. The benefits Democrats are promising will make them lifetime Democrat voters.

Karl Rove sat for an interview with Lawrence Jones last night, and gave the RINO take on it.

Host Lawrence Jones noted that the refugees are being resettled in key battleground states which the Democrats were desperate to win in 2020, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas.

Jones noted that the person in charge of the resettlement is the former governor of Delaware. But, ironically, only 30 refugees are headed to Delaware, and none are going to Washington, D.C.

“This seems a little fishy,” Jones told Rove.

Rove responded, “Well, I’d be concerned a little bit because, for example, I’ve got my little handy map here from Axios. You’re right, 1,000 refugees are going to Florida, but Idaho, which is 1/14th the population of Florida is getting 420. You’re right. There are 1,300 going to Michigan, but there’s 775 going to Nebraska which is a fraction of the size of Michigan.”

He did okay until his next idiotic statement.

“So, I wouldn’t see this as a plot. I am a little bit concerned about why isn’t Delaware doing its fair share?”

That’s all he’s concerned about?

“Really, these decisions typically are made between the State Department and Department of Homeland Security based upon a couple of factors, one of which is the ability of resources at the state level to accept these refugees and proper treatment but also looking at —particularly this is a case with the so-called SIV holders — the people who fought alongside us, interpreters, you know, military aides and so forth. They have sponsors and the question is: Where is their sponsor? — The person who’s willing to help make certain that they get settled in the United States and start to make their life here in our country,” Rove continued.

Is he really that naïve? Since when has this administration cared one bit about the states having the resources to handle it?

Then Rove said it’s not a plot because it’s years down the road.

“So, I wouldn’t say this is all sort of, you know, some DNC representative sitting in some weird office in Washington saying, “Let’s have these people put in certain states so that 15 years from now, 18 years from now, if they become U.S. citizens, that they’ll vote Democrat in a battleground state for us. I think it’s not that — not that underhanded,” he added.

Are you kidding me, Rove? They will be put on a rapid path to citizenship? Hasn’t this great architect of elections heard???

Then he made a point of the 44 terrorist-tied people sent back – out of 122,000. Now the administration wants 200,000 refugees. These people are mostly radical left Salafists. Could that be why Democrats want them here and voting?

Rove is an idiot. Watch:

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