Karl Rove wipes the floor with Joe Biden using a timeline


Karl Rove wrecked Joe Biden with his own lies about Trump’s response to the virus. Rove went through a timeline of what Biden and his top advisers were saying for months.

Rove made three points. Biden said President Trump deliberately killed people who died from the virus, which is so over the top.

Biden said he told everyone in January that if the President acted one week earlier, 36,000 lives would have been saved.  The Washington Post said that was completely inaccurate.

The third point is Biden lying about the President creating the recession when it was clearly the result of the virus. Biden said it was because of the lockdown, which the doctors and scientists told the President to do. Didn’t Biden say over and over to listen to the scientists?


Rove reported on Biden’s plan of January 27th, which Biden put in an op-ed. Biden wrote he would give the President authority to declare a pandemic, which he already has and did. Biden said he’s also going to set up a global health service to help people around the world. Rove didn’t think much of that.

On the 31st, Trump put in the China travel ban and Biden said it was xenophobic and racist. Immediately before, Biden’s advisers said a travel ban is premature and the President should “stop panicking.” On February 6th, Biden’s advisers said it’s not very likely it will be a serious pandemic and in a lethal form, it will be negligible.

On February 11 and 13, Ron Klain, Biden’s adviser said it’s not serious. We aren’t facing a health epidemic, we’re facing a fear epidemic. It was an attack on the President for raising concerns.

On the 20th, Biden adviser Zeke Emanuel said this is all an overreaction.

On the 23rd, Pelosi told everyone to gather in Chinatown.

On the 29th, Zeke said the masks do not work (that is the day the first American dies from COV).

On March 12th, the day the President is putting in a ban on Europe, Lisa Monaco, a top adviser to Biden and Biden himself, go out and team up to say the European travel ban is unnecessary. It’s premature.

Biden said nothing about a lockdown, masks, social distancing, the National Defense Production Act until after the President raised these issues.

This clown Biden is telling everyone if people had listened to him, people wouldn’t be dead, but it is not what he said.

Rove then talked about a president giving his word and elaborated on Biden’s many other lies.

Watch, it’s worth the 7 minutes:

Biden plagiarized and lied:

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