BOMBSHELL! Trump told the world everything on Woodward’s audio in March


Tom Elliott of Grabien found the very available presser of Trump’s comments about the virus in March. Basically, President Trump said the same thing he told Bob Woodward, and he said it to the world.

For those who aren’t aware, Woodward wants to sell his latest anti-Trump book and to do that, he released an audio that is meant to be an indictment of the President. The claim is the President knew how serious the virus was and deliberately lied. As we reported last night, this bombshell is a dud.


In this next clip, President Trump tells Jim Acosta the virus is going away, hopefully, the end of the month. That has been cherry-picked by the media without context. In context, the President said knew how bad it was after seeing what was happening in China, but “he wanted to give people hope.”

He never told anyone to go to Mardi Gras, and President Trump also didn’t let it ride. In fact, he stopped China and Europe really early. That is true.

His timeline shows he did do a lot.

About the virus dissipating, he didn’t want to be negative and said he’s a positive person and he’s a cheerleader for the country. There’s nothing great about this virus, he added, but he wanted to give hope. He knew it was horrible but no one knew if it could be stopped in China at that time.

Trump said it was going to be awful. He was clear.

This is what he told Woodward in early February and there is no bombshell. As Elliott says, ironically, why did Acosta sleep on the scoop?

Let’s not forget that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fauci was telling people to go to malls, the movies, and the gym on February 29th. In early March, he told young, healthy people to go on cruises.


Acosta accused him of not liking the question but Trump gave no indication he didn’t like the question. Just more media BS.

The President did a great deal and you’d have to be a blooming idiot to think the virus wasn’t deadly and serious. You would also have to be dumb to think the President was doing anything other than cheering us up and giving us hope, as he said.


Monday morning quarterbacks are always the wisest of people after the fact. Their guy, Biden, would have done nothing, as he said. No one did anything until March, beginning with professional sports shutting down by March 13th.

The entire bombshell aspect is bogus since the clip above was aired worldwide and the media knows that.

Why didn’t the world expose this secret bombshell audio? Oh, wait, the world did hear it. Why did Woodward sit on this alleged bombshell?

The virus did come from China, even the one that spread in Europe — it’s the same virus. China did withhold information for valuable weeks. The media tormented and attacked Trump for his early actions to stop the spread of the virus. He was being impeached when the virus began and the Democrats were AWOL. The governors have little fiefdoms and the President cannot constitutionally make them do anything. Where were they?

We already had food shortages that the media helped drum up, and the threat of destroying the economy and peoples’ lives threatened to make the cure worse than the illness. Not creating panic was wise.

The virus was completely politicized by Democrats. They politicize everything, every aspect of our lives. It’s a serious problem.




  1. In January I first heard about the “China virus” and was in a panic since my daughter lives IN China. So, I spend about 12 to 14 hours a day consuming news and was well aware the book was nothing new. I’ve seen every single briefing from the White House and knew this was addressed previously. That’s why I’ve yelled at the monitor all morning listening to Fox. Where others listen to Democrat opposition, which I cannot bear, I sometimes listen to opposition Fox on certain matters.

    The Only issue I have with Trump is saying millions were saved by the lockdown. A virus cannot be locked down and these bureaucrats like Saint Fauci know it. But it does make them seem “they are on top of it”. Same with state governments which can then say, “we did everything to keep the virus at bay”. It’s the same as all this testing. There is no point in a test for “asymptomatic” people when they are incapable of spreading the virus based upon fragments that have to be extremely amplified. Widespread contact tracing also falls in the category of foolish policies. My suggestion is Fauci stick with the “allergy” part of his department. His agency is responsible FOR China being involved. The question is: will the entire situation ever be fully investigated, starting with the bureaucracy.

  2. Acosta wasn’t the Only one. There were a number of instances, some more bellicose than others. After a period of time that narrative fell by the wayside.

  3. The end of the briefing was rather funny. Some woman yells out “Mr. President, please take more questions”. Haven’t they noticed yet that the President ends the briefings when they act, not like reporters, but more like hecklers. I don’t know if Heckler in Chief Alexander was there. Maybe he would if the press weren’t such jackasses. The first one BY the head of that press corps was so over the top.

    As Trump walked off he had a look of “Oh brother, how disgusting”.

  4. Heard a clip from the presser where a reporter is claiming PDT “lied”– her proof is the wording when he said he “downplayed it to avoid panic” (paraphrase).

    Nuance is way over these guys’ heads,isn’t it? Do they even understand that, to say something in a calm, dispassionate way, is not the same thing as “lying”? There are all kinds of ways to express a concept, different tones to use, different language. Choosing a calm one rather than a noisy, panicked one, is not “lying” —- it is expressing yourself rationally rather than emotionally, without hyperbole.

    Goodness, they’re always claiming that PDT uses too much hyperbole — then when he talks about something dispassionately, they claim it’s “lying.” He can’t win with them.

    • Over forty years ago “journalism” died in the MSM and especially around the time of Kosovo the entire MSM appeared to have instituted a policy of hiring vacuous echo chambers that could read a teleprompter and moue convincingly to the cameras or “set type”…these mentally challenged employees went on to hire the even less capable dolts that flaunt their ignorance unabashedly today…Even a difference of opinion to these present day retards qualify as a lie…

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