RI U history prof says killing ‘fascist’ Aaron Danielson was not “morally” “wrong”


Erik Loomis, a history professor at the University of Rhode Island, posted about the death of antifa Michael Reinoehl on his blog. Reinoehl killed a Patriot Prayer supporter and was shot while the police tried to arrest him.  He asked in his headline, “Why Was Michael Reinoehl Killed?”

The post questioned whether police deliberately “murdered” 48-year-old Michael Reinoehl. Reinoehl is the “100% antifa” member who admitted he shot Aaron “Jay” Danielson [in cold blood] on Aug. 29, after a clash between antifa and Patriot Prayer.

Reinoehl fired at officers when they came to arrest him. They fired back and he was dead.

Loomis wrote, “I am extremely anti-conspiracy theory. But it’s not a conspiracy theory at this point in time to wonder if the cops simply murdered him. The police is shot through with fascists from stem to stern. They were openly working with the fascists in Portland, as they were in Kenosha which led to dead protestors.”

“Michael Reinoehl is the guy who killed the fascist in Portland last week,” Loomis wrote on his Sept. 4 blog post. “He admitted it and said he was scared the cops would kill him. Well, now the cops have killed him.”


By “fascists,” Loomis means Trump supporters and members of Patriot Prayer, a group founded by conservative activist and former Washington Senate candidate Joey Gibson, Fox News reports.

The group has been portrayed by the mainstream media and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a far-right hate group, though Gibson has denied this characterization.

A reader commented on Loomis’ blog, “Erik, he shot and killed a guy.”

Loomis responded, “[Reinoehl] killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.”

Apparently, if he deems someone a fascist, it’s morally right to kill the person.

He then compared Reinoehl to John Brown, the radical abolitionist.

After Campus Reform picked up the story, Loomis followed up with another blog post on Wednesday. He says he won’t be intimidated by so-called “fascists” trying to “cancel him.”

Professor Turley addressed the lunacy and got a response.

Turley wrote, “What is so striking is how Danielson is no longer treated as a human being with family or even individual worth. Loomis seems to revel in the notion that such lives are now inconsequential and can be taken for purely tactical reason. It is the liberating element of extremism.  Once uncoupled from the confines of morality, Loomis and others can assume a license for violence, even murder, to advance their agenda.”

“For an academic to espouse such hateful and violent views is particularly distressing…”

Sadly few of his colleagues have condemned this rhetoric.

Loomis hurled insults instead of addressing the issue:


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