Kash Patel: “Biggest Political… and Criminal Scandal in US History”


Kash Patel predicted a deeper conspiracy and more arrests. The latest filing by the Special Counsel John Durham proved him right. This is the worst criminal-political scandal in US history. Forget Watergate, prior to this, it was Clinton’s Chinagate scandal. Hillary appeared to arrange the transfer of military secrets to China.

As Patel explained to Greg Kelly on his show last night, Patel and Devin Nunes talked and concluded even they didn’t believe it could get this bad.

“They literally let a private entity on behalf of a political opponent, Hillary Clinton, paid for access to the entire White House compound to infiltrate the servers of not just the Office of the President, the National Security Council, the National Economic Council, the Trade Council, and the Office of the Vice President of the United States,” Patel said.

There was not one word of this scandal in the media. Patel predicted silence for a few days and then demonization.

Eventually, the media will have to correct their stories.

Patel called this story “the biggest political scandal and criminal scandal in US history.”

He also said, “John Durham has interviewed 24 people in the Grand Jury to include CIA case officers, FBI agents and directors, leadership in the Clinton Campaign cycle, and they’ve indicted her lawyer.”

Patel predicts more indictments.


“Michael Sussman and Marc Elias were the lead attorneys for the Clinton Campaign. They were paid millions and millions of dollars to perpetuate the Steele Dossier fraud. And now we know they were paid millions of dollars to go out and buy false information from a tech executive.”

He didn’t mention Jake Sullivan but he should probably turn state’s evidence.


Patel said the worst part is that they secured a “sensitive arrangement with someone in government to gain access to White House servers. That means someone in government gave them permission and paid the contracting tech executive company’s firm to allow that work to happen. That could only have been done with the utilization of the intelligence community willingly. And that to me is the biggest criminal scandal that we have yet to talk about.”

He believes Durham will deliver.


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