Hillary Apparatchik, Flunky, Toady, Stooge Jake Sullivan Looks Bad Today


Biden’s Russia-Ukraine point man, who is warning of imminent war or “imminent enough” war, looks very sketchy upon review of the Durham revelations.

He’s the man who spread the Russia collusion story to the media, claiming Trump and Putin planned to hijack the election. Sullivan claimed Trump had a secret computer channel to the Kremlin.

“Very serious computer experts” found a “secret hotline” between Trump and Russia, said, Jake.

That was false.


We now know why Sullivan pushed Russia-Ukraine fear porn.

Slate – Sullivan – Hillary – Unsuspecting Public

Based on a story in Slate, a far-far-left propaganda outlet, Jake issued this statement which Hillary then exploited (predetermined?):

Jake had to know by the time he issued the statement that there was enough doubt to reach the top of the Statue of Liberty.


As John Solomon of Just the News reports, By the time Sullivan issued the statement, there was already substantial reason to doubt the article. The FBI was already telling this reporter and the New York Times that it had ruled out the secret communications channel and that the pings the computer researchers allegedly found could be explained by basic marketing communications.

Solomon said further, the various players, who assisted the research, said they were looking simply for “an inference” or a “very useful narrative” that could make it look like Trump was in bed with Russia.

Tech Exec 1, the key player in the infiltration, stated that the ‘trump-email.com’ domain (indicted Hillary campaign lawyer Sussman conveyed that to the FBI) was not a secret communications channel with Russian Bank-1, but ‘a red herring.'” Durham wrote that in the Sussman indictment.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Something I have had a hard time understanding, which Alex Jones speaks of, is that some people do not have a conscience. It is the nature of evil, including the globalists. Sullivan is a schemer, for profit, status and power. That is why he is in the position.