Kasich, Jeb Bush Jr Advocate for Amnesty 4 All


In a NY Times op-ed authored by John Kasich and Jeb Bush Jr, titled, John Kasich and Jeb Bush Jr.: A Bad Idea on Immigration, they begin by evoking sympathy and compare the unrelated case of Elian Gonzalez to all illegal immigrants currently living in this country.

Elian Gonzalez was a six-year old child who was torn from his extended family in Miami and returned to Cuba and his father after his mother died during a daring escape from Cuba. He was dragged off, terrified, by SWAT on the orders of Bill Clinton. They used that example to explain why all illegal immigrants should never be deported.

The El Salvadorians here temporarily since 2001 must stay. The 11 million here illegally (it’s undoubtedly a much higher number) must stay. The DACA and their families must stay. All families of all of them must stay.

About the El Salvadorians, they write: “As Republicans, whose party has consistently and rightly advanced policies to support the essential role of families in America, we are deeply troubled by the harm that is about to be done to hundreds of thousands of families that have legally called America home for more than two decades.”

About the majority of people here illegally: “Second, of course, is what to do with the 10 million to 15 million undocumented immigrants who arrived over the past several decades and who have become part of American life — and who, let’s be honest, will not and should not be forcibly removed.”

About the DREAMers, they wrote: “Though they were not born here, they know no other home than America. They grew up, studied and work here. They are largely models of the assimilation we seek for all immigrants.”

They also make the case for families staying together in the U.S. aka chain migration.

If there is anyone they left out, we know the answer to their problem – they must stay.

No one’s calling for mass deportations but the discussion isn’t about the family landscaper, it’s about whether or not we are a country with borders or an open border pass-through for the world.

Open borders without any vetting and blanket amnesty is truly the end of the United States as we know it. It also gives Progressives their permanent Democrat majority.

Not everyone will agree with their conclusion: “We must instead take up the actual immigration challenges we face in a humane, responsible way that protects American interests and jobs.”

Kasich and Jeb Jr. are supposed to be Republicans.

There are few on the side of enforcing immigration law in either party.

The millions here illegally don’t all have to be deported but citizenship is another question. Certainly the criminals should be deported but Democrats want them to stay too, and apparently some Republicans feel the same. They are choosing emotions over the rule of law. They are also choosing cheap labor and votes.

They conclude: “We must instead take up the actual immigration challenges we face in a humane, responsible way that protects American interests and jobs.”

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