Katie Hobbs’ SPOX Joss Berry Wants to Shoot Transphobes After a Tran Slaughters Six


Press secretary for Arizona Dem Governor Katie Hobbs, Joss Berry, said she wants to SHOOT transphobes, hours after a trans killer shot and killed three children, two educators, and a custodian at a Nashville Christian school.

Joss Berry with Katie Hobbs

A spokeswoman for the Arizona Governor, Joss Berry, tweeted a gif of a woman holding two handguns alongside the caption: ‘Us when we see transphobes.’ We can intelligently guess that she gets to decide who are or are not transphobes.

It came less than 12 hours after transgender shooter Audrey Hale, 28, slaughtered six people.

Republicans have since demanded the firing of press secretary Josselyn ‘Joss’ Berry. If she isn’t fired, we can assume Katie Hobbs is sympathetic. Usually, we wouldn’t call for someone’s firing, but this is too much.

This is what Katie Hobbs‘ dear friend and secretary joked about wanting to do (was Joss joking?):

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11 months ago

Gee! That’s even a bit extreme even for me! I definitely think the Alphabet Soup crowd is Mentally Ill and needs help. Shooting them on sight is a bit over the top! Liberal Logic simply does not exist. On one hand they want to coddle dangerous criminals who are repeat offenders and on the other they want them hunted down in the street. This is why Liberals are so Dangerous, they simply are not in control of their emotions which is why they are so Looney Toons. I’m all for the Death Penalty when violent crimes are committed, but gunning down a group who MIGHT commit crimes is definitely going too far!