GOP Walked Out on Hobbs WOKE State of the State Address


Several Republicans walked out of Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs’ speech during her first State of the State address.

State of the State addess.

“Several of the GOP lawmakers turned their backs on the new governor and walked out as she outlined her priorities, according to a report. Democratic lawmakers loudly applauded Hobbs when she touted increasing public education funding in a nod to the teacher’s union. However, when she began calling for abortion access, members of the Arizona Freedom Caucus publicly left the chamber, the report noted,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“As was foreseeable, Katie Hobbs utilized the time-honored State of the State Address to once again promote her radical, woke policy initiatives, rather than address the profoundly serious concerns that Arizonans have regarding the political and fiscal realities of daily life,” a statement from the Arizona Freedom Caucus said.

The Arizona Freedom Caucus (AFC) and a group of Republican Legislators from the House and Senate met with the press to state they would be filing a lawsuit against newly-inaugurated Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D).

“It’s become a modern phenomenon for Executive Branches across the country to try and legislate via executive order. We saw it with Barack Obama. We see it now with Joe Biden. And now, seemingly, Katie Hobbs, she also believes that she has the ability to legislate with the power of the pen, attempting to create law that simply does not exist,” State Sen. Jake Hoffman (R-Queen Creek), said, leading the conference.

Hobbs signed Executive Order 2023-01 on January 2nd, which outlined furthering anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ state employees and contractors. The next day, Hobbs unveiled the “First 100 Days Initiative,” which includes an alleged 100 actions Hobbs will take as Governor.

The AFC took issue with this first Executive Order, stating Hobbs was using this order to push her “woke agenda.”

Katie Hobbs might sign an Executive Order to force schoolchildren to call each other by the pronoun of their choosing. It penalizes students and fires teachers who refuse to recognize the pronouns of their fellow students.

Hobbs set aside $40,000,000 so illegal aliens could attend state colleges for free. You can’t go for free, but you can pay for illegal aliens to go for free.

Kari Lake’s loss is tragic for Arizona. Hobbs is going to keep the border open. The New York Times says the open borders are intended to replace Americans who disagree with them. Isn’t that what we thought?

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