Kelsey Grammer Calls Out Abortion Industry as “Dishonest”


Kelsey Grammer took on the abortion lobby three years ago and he’s doing it again on Instagram and in an interview with the Times. He explained to the Times why he is pro-life.

Grammer told the Times he has “as much respect for women and women’s issues as possible,” but said that women’s rights are not what is at stake with abortion.

The actor who is most famous for playing Dr. Frasier Crane said in 2015 that he is an “out of the closet Republican”.

Grammer called the abortion industry “hypocritical” in the recent Times interview.

He sees the abortion industry as “dishonest” for calling abortion a case of women’s rights. Women’s rights are not what is at stake with abortion. It a “bit dishonest”, he said, when you have a “choice well before a baby is conceived”

In the photo on Instagram, the actor poses at a kitchen counter with a t-shirt comparing gun deaths to abortion linking to an article by the blaze.

The shirt bears the wording, “Would it bother us more if they used guns?”. The website is an anti-abortion website.

The Huffington Post finds it all very weird, but they don’t find partial-birth abortions weird.

Grammer’s wife Kayte Walsh also appears in a t-shirt.

Instagram photo


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