Kennedy Questions a Biden Nominee in an Almost Unwatchable Video


How does the Biden administration manage to find the worst possible people for every position? The candidate in this video, Karoline Mehalchick, has all her cases reversed. Guess what job she was nominated for. – answer at the end.

Senator Kennedy had a list of court cases Mehalchick had reversed by a higher court. He said the list was longer than King Kong’s arm. Mehalchick has been nominated for two years. Then-Sen. Toomey wouldn’t vote for her because he said she was unqualified.

As Kennedy went through failed case after failed case, Mehalchick tried to be evasive, claiming she was partly upheld. She frequently said she wasn’t sure.

For example, recalling the first case she had reversed, she told Sen. Kennedy, “I have a recollection that I presided over that case. I don’t know if I recall the details of it.

KENNEDY: OK, and you were reversed?

MEHALCHICK: I believe that was a case that I issued. I was a Magistrate Judge in that role and in the referral role on it. And it was reviewed by the District Court, yes.

KENNEDY: And you were reversed?

MEHALCHICK: I don’t recall in that case if I was. If the report and the recommendation was adopted in full or not adopted, but yes.

KENNEDY: You incorrectly analyzed qualified immunity, and you incorrectly cited the 11th Amendment.

The entire interview was like that – pathetic. Miss Mehalchick shouldn’t be anywhere near a courtroom.

Judge Karoline Mehalchick is Joe Biden’s nominee for a US district judge of the US District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

Watch: It is almost unwatchable, as the video says.

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