King Cuomo gave himself a big raise & is now highest paid Governor


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave himself a $25,000 raise bringing his salary to $250,000, making him the highest-paid governor. Why he deserves this raise, we cannot say. He had the highest number of coronavirus victims and helped kill tens of thousands of elderly in nursing homes.

The state has a $63 billion deficit as a result of revenue losses. People are leaving in droves.

New York state faces a 9.7% unemployment rate and New York City a 14.1% unemployment rate. The national unemployment rate is 6.9%.

He’s terrible!

According to a report released by The Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation, judges and lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly will not be receiving raises due to losses from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Granting raises to public servants is simply not possible at this time,” the commission wrote in the report.

The commission’s decision does not affect Cuomo’s raise, which was approved last year under a joint resolution by the state Senate and Assembly.

It must be nice to be king.

America was never that great, says Andrew, and neither is he.

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3 years ago

Join us at The Freedom Rally, Cuomo’s got to Go! Saturday, November 21st at 11am, 100 Veteran’s Memorial Highway, Hauppauge, NY.

First Kronstadt Soviet
First Kronstadt Soviet
3 years ago

One of the best Tom Petty songs It’s Good to be King. His imperial majesty needs a new luxury dacha because some comrades are a little more equal than others.
The California east fundamental transformation will be utopian for the apparatchiks but so much for the comrades waiting in line for two cuts of fat.
Zils and Trabants for all comrades and a social worker will be by to make sure that your hovel is empty.