King Joe Will NOT REVOKE Afghan Rapist’s Work Permit


Afghanistan import, Zabihullah Mohmand, has been arrested and charged with felony rape after his assault on a young woman in Montana. The foreign national had been evacuated from Afghanistan during Biden’s HORRENDOUS withdrawal. Mohmand was relocated to the state by the US State Department.

He was NOT fully vetted by the federal government before DHS released him. He didn’t even qualify so they gave him a phony “parole.”

The Biden dictatorship will NOT, we repeat, will NOT revoke his work permit. He could get a job before Americans — think about it.

According to  CIS, “the Biden political leadership team has decided that they will not revoke Mohmand’s EAD at this time. This is an absolutely baffling, and indefensible, decision as the process of rescinding an EAD is not complicated.”

That should be a surprise to no one ever. They are letting the dregs of humanity from all over the world come through our portals after making the Taliban the best-equipped military of 80% of the world’s military.

Figurehead Joe and his cabal are trying to destroy traditional America to replace it with some fascist, communist, Nazi-like, globalist wet dream.

Let’s go, Brandon.


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