Cable’s Dying & CNN’s Biggest Loser


Viewership of CNN’s morning program New Day is continuing its downward spiral, with the show recording its lowest numbers of the year to date yesterday.

CNN had high hopes when Brianna Keiler took over New Day in April. Instead, they got a marked decline in viewership.

According to Nielsen Media Research, yesterday, New Day experienced its lowest-rated total viewership average of the year with only 344,000 people tuning in. Among them, only 65,000 came from the key 25-54 demographic.

When compared with the year-to-date average, New Day was down yesterday by 40% in total viewers, 50% in the 25-54 demographic, and 44% among females.

CNN is an all-around disaster but struggling to survive on cable doesn’t mean they aren’t making money. Unfortunately, they make plenty, from foreign governments, including the CCP, billionaires, and others seeking influence.

Fox grabbed the top 14 shows, and Fox is way down over its past records. Cable is dying and only has about 10% of the nation’s viewership. Maybe they should become more interesting, report actual news, and stop lying. Where are the muckrakers?

Even Lifetime Christmas shows are dying. It could be because there is nothing Christmas or magical or God in their WOKE, boring Christmas stories. Plus there are too many of them.

Even the songs stink but look at what’s winning on iTunes:

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