Kinzinger torpedos his own party over Cheney


Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a very liberal ‘Republican,’ is trending on Twitter for his comments yesterday on Face the Nation. He’s popular with the left-wing media because he torpedos his own party every chance he gets.

Incoming, Kinzinger on the Starboard Bow.

Yesterday, he claimed the GOP is the Titanic. If it is, the only reason is that Democrats are flooding the country with future Democrats. But he was referencing the Liz Cheney situation.

Kinzinger claimed Cheney has only said what she has said all along about the ‘insurrection.’ He wants a full accounting of the ‘insurrection.’ Kinzinger has no problem with Antifa or BLM, just one riot, that was NOT an insurrection.

Antifa and BLM are actually insurrectionists who want to overturn the country. They’re communists.

Most of the roughly 400 people running through the Capitol were trespassers. The ones who caused damage or who had more sinister motives will be punished. So far, the DoJ hasn’t charged people with sedition.

Cheney is doing much more than replaying the so-called insurrection day-in and day-out. She won’t get on board with any positive message and she will not accept America First. Cheney is opposed to anything resembling America First.

Therein lies the problem, not her personal views about Donald Trump. It’s her professional opinion of the agenda.

Watch the betrayal:

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