Fauci’s COV death numbers were off by hundreds of thousands


There’s “no doubt” the U.S. numbers of COV deaths were greatly undercounted. That’s according to the ever-unreliable Tony.

Dr. Fauci moved the goalposts again. Even though we watched the government recording numbers hour by hour, day by day, trusting they were somewhat accurate, it was a waste of time. Fauci now says they were much higher.

They’re not 581,000, they’re nearly a million.

But, trust the science! Trust the government and let them run everything.

But Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that a University of Washington analysis published May 6 that the true toll is probably over 900,000 is “a bit more than I would have thought.”

“Sometimes the models are right on line, sometimes they’re a bit off,” he said based on the new study.

“But I think there’s no doubt, Chuck, that we are and have been undercounting. What that tells us is something that we’ve known. You know, we’re living through a historic pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t seen in over a hundred years,” he continued.

It tells us we can’t trust his numbers.

Since we’ve been lied to repeatedly, and everything is politicized Left, who do we trust?

With the U.S. vaccination pace slowing, Fauci said using “trusted messengers” will be an important way to overcome the hesitancy in some communities and get the nation closer to an 80% vaccination rate.

“It could be sports figures, it could be entertainment figures, it could be clergy or it could be your family doctor,” he said.

It’s definitely not the government.

COV deaths in the first 14 weeks after Biden took over has exceeded 176,000 but now we know it’s even more.

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