Klaus Schwab Boasted in 2017 of Infiltrating Governments Around the World


Klaus Schwab, head of the looney World Economic Forum (WEF), has and is installing young people in governments around the world. This should be very alarming to Americans.

The WEF is a billionaires club looking to establish a one-world government and one economic system with a single currency, and a single, Marxist ESG stock market. It would require one-world laws. This is the beginning of the New World Order that would destroy sovereignty, cultural identity, citizenship, nation-states, and the middle class. Basically, it’s a feudalistic system of government.

It will obliterate our Constitutional Republic.

Once viewed as outlandish eccentrics, the WEF is currently making a lot of headway and has gone mainstream. They are setting up ESG throughout the world, have a global tax on the table, and are drawing in much of our Congress. You won’t see Congress fighting this. As for the media, they are ignoring it as it grows into a dangerous menace. Even the Pope appears to be on board.

As millions of foreigners pour into the United States, we are losing our identity, making this takeover even more feasible.

Now we have ill-taught young people infiltrating Western governments with the ideology of a one-world government — the New World Order. By the way, the UN and the Chinese Communists plan to rule.


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