Peaceful Canadian Trucker Protest: Even the Children Are Joining in


Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau label the children in the first clip ‘right-wing extremists’ too? Trudeau has taken to his usual demonization tactics to try and minimize the political damage to him as 50,000 truckers take over Ottawa. Now we have children spending hours thanking the truckers. Are they terrorists too?

Trudeau’s nation has had enough and he is insulting more than just a “small” number of Canadians. He needs to get out of his ivory tower once in a while.

There has been NO police pushback. That’s interesting.

The United States is being transformed into an unrecognizable foreign country right now with millions of foreigners pouring in illegally. Many are criminals, some are terrorists, and there’s no significant reaction to it. If only my fellow Americans cared about their country as much as the Canadians.

Back to Canada.

Volunteers are feeding the truckers.

They have underground supply lines for the truckers. It’s a lot of people and not simply a “small” number.

Ottawa closed its bridges down, but nothing is stopping them. The number of people on the side of the road gives proof to the lie that it’s only a “small fringe” group.

Ottawa last night.

Is this what a small fringe group sounds like?

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2 years ago

This from CTH……..Nova Scotia Moves Quickly Using Emergency Declaration to Ban Truck Convoys and Highway Cheering, $10,000 Fine For Cheering on Roadway……..OMG then this……..Amid Escalating Protests, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Has Fled the Capital City of Ottawa – Canadian Safety Minister Refuses to Comfirm CBC Broadcast of Russians Surrounding the City

Rubber Duck MACK Trucks
Rubber Duck MACK Trucks
2 years ago

Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c’mon? Ah, yeah, 10-4, Pig Pen, fer shure, fer shure. By golly, it’s clean clear to Flag Town, c’mon. Yeah, that’s a big 10-4 there, Pig Pen, yeah, we definitely got the front door, good buddy. Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy…

Disaster Blaster Brandon
Disaster Blaster Brandon
2 years ago

Well played! Use all tactics against the communist slime.
It’s for the children they love to bleat and rounding up and charging of children will get the View box wine aunties in an uproar which they don’t want.
Any agitators are working for the globalist cabal that is out to murder the world.