Klaus Schwab Has the Solution for Elections


Klaus Schwab is the CEO and founder of the World Economic Forum. The Forum pushes the 16 sustainable goals of the United Nations, one of the most authoritarian organizations on the planet.

The UN has united with many globalist organizations, and they have tremendous power in every sector of society. They are elitists who were once regarded as kooks. They are still kooks, but they are now kooks with formidable funds and power. As one of the leaders – who admires Maoist China – Klaus Schwab gives himself away.

They will call you a conspiracy theorist if you notice.

Listen to what he tells Sergey Brin.

“So technology now, and digital technologies mainly have an analytical power. Now we go into a predictive power. And we have seen the first examples, and your company very much involved into it,” Klaus Schwab told Sergey Brin. “But the next step could be to go into prescriptive mode, which means you do not even have to have elections anymore, because you can already predict enough to say. And afterwards you can say, ‘why do we need elections?’ Because we know what the result will be.’”


Predictions are acceptable, but we’ve seen how well they do when predicting the climate this week and 100 years from now. They manage to get it wrong if it’s a week or 100 years. We know how well they predicted the number of deaths resulting from COVID. They were dramatically wrong. But the worst thing Klaus said was to give an example of not needing elections anymore. He is deliberately missing the point of elections, which is to involve the people in who or what will represent them in governance and other areas.

Schwab, of course, has to know that. So why would he say it? Could he see the people as somewhat unimportant or, as his philosopher, Yuval Noah Harari, often says, “useless?”

Aside from thinking about Harari’s view of us ordinary people, I could only think of Rush Limbaugh’s comment that they’d cancel elections, meaning the Left.

The Left has already shown us how they rig elections. Look what they’re trying to do to RFK Jr. and what they did to Bernie Sanders to ensure they never got past the primary. They don’t want the people in the Democrat party deciding who the candidate will be. They will decide.

Machine predictions can and will be abused, and unsavory characters will play with the results. Machine predictions must never replace people, and Schwab’s example – as an intelligent man – shows he has ill intent.

In recent elections, they have
  • pushed mail-in balloting, which everyone knows is unreliable.
  • ballot harvested,
  • unsecured Zuckerberg boxes,
  • spent huge amounts of money in Democrat precincts,
  • swayed searches on browsers,
  • censored people they disagree with,
  • hid the Hunter laptop,
  • called ordinary citizens “domestic terrorists,”
  • used the organs of government to terrorize people,
  • gave free publicity in the Democrat media, which is almost all of the media,
  • put in place voting machines that can be hacked,
  • and brought big business into the government, and then used the combined power to push the people in every way to do what they wanted.

No one of sane mind can say this is a free election. Manipulating minds is evil. It’s not fair play. You can have the best of intentions, but the act is evil.

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