Klobuchar & Steyer couldn’t tell ‘Telemundo’ the name of Mexico’s President


Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and businessman Tom Steyer sat down for an interview with ‘Telemundo News’ in Nevada. When asked by the interviewer, they couldn’t name the President of Mexico.

They are in Nevada with a Latino population of 500,000 registered voters, and they are interviewing with an American-Spanish news agency, owned by NBC Universal.

Since is was a candidate forum hosted by the League of United Latin American Citizens, you’d think they would at least know the names of the leaders of Latin American countries, especially Mexico.

Aside from that, with all the danger Mexico presents at our borders, how do you not know the President’s name? The President of Mexico is basically controlling our borders. President Obrador would run roughshod over these ill-prepared individuals.

The transcript goes like this:

“Can you tell me the name of the President of Mexico?”

“I forget,” says Steyer. ”

As he interviews Klobuchar, he asks, “Can you tell me his name?”

Klobuchar: “No.”

Pete knew, but ended his answer with, “I hope.”

“Lopez Obrador, I hope?,” he answered with a smile and a question mark at the end.

Imagine what else they don’t know

In the end, the interviewer says in Spanish that it is problematic.

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