Omar’s tabloid marriage scandal got a bit more humiliating


The caveat is this could all just be uninformed gossip!

The Daily Mail is reporting new details about far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) marital scandal.  It seems Omar is paying her ex-husband to stay quiet about her alleged affair — allegedly.

The UK outlet reported that Omar’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, “discovered the truth about her torrid affair with her chief fundraiser, Tim Mynett. Hirsi went to her Washington D.C. apartment last spring and found the lovers lounging around in pajamas.”

Multiple sources told The Daily Mail that Hirsi left “angry and humiliated.”

“He suspected she was cheating but she kept telling him he was paranoid,” a source told The Daily Mail. “He told her he wanted to move down to D.C. to be with her but she insisted he should stay in Minneapolis with the children. Eventually, he surprised her down there and his worst fears were confirmed.”

Omar allegedly agreed to pay Hirsi tens of thousands of dollars each year, up to $250,000. This was on the condition that “he did not speak publicly about the marriage breakdown.”

Daily Mail sources in the Somalia community say Omar has “embarrassed” them and they have lost faith in her.

“It’s almost as if she is deliberately trying to turn her Somali supporters against her,” a source told The Daily Mail. “She is as a figurehead for us, the most famous Somali in America and she had embarrassed us. She is the face of the Somali community.”

Hopefully, it’s enough to elect someone else in her place.


Omar continues to shovel hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign donations to Mynett, according to Federal Election Committee (FEC) records.

You can read about that at The Washington Free Beacon.

Additionally, there is highly credible evidence that Omar has a different last name — Elmi — and married her brother Ahmed Elmi in an immigration scam.

While The Daily Mail constantly goes along with Omar’s sketchy line about divorcing Ahmed Hirsi in her “faith tradition” before she married Ahmed Elmi in 2009, that also seems fantastical.

The FBI is reportedly reviewing evidence that it has received indicating that Omar married her brother, according to The New York Post, which added that the FBI was also planning on sharing its findings with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and the U.S. Department of Education.

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