Kneeling Kaepernick Could Come Back to the NFL


Kneeling quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been invited by the NFL to a private tryout for coaches and executives on Saturday.

This is the man who disrespected the flag, the anthem, police, and military.

ESPN reported the NFL will not provide a list of personnel executives and coaches who will attend Colin Kaepernick’s workout Saturday to the quarterback’s representatives, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

ESPN had earlier agreed that the NFL would give the Kaepernick camp a list of attendees. However, an NFL source later told ESPN that the league never promised to provide that list.

Although multiple teams have confirmed that they will attend the workout, none has identified by name who will be going.

Florida clubs were informed today that a private workout will be held for Colin Kaepernick on Saturday in Atlanta. The session will include on-field work and an interview. All clubs are invited to attend, and videos of both the workout and interview will be made available to clubs.

President Trump who has been very critical of Kaepernick’s kneeling performances already weighed in on his possible return in August.

  • This is the leftist commissioner and player’s union in action. They got away with attacking America, and the commissioner got his $250,000,000+ contract, now they want it all, including the return of the lead protester.