Kremlin Documents show Bernie’s collusion with Soviet Russia


Bernie Sanders is no longer the leading candidate in the presidential election, but he’s not dead yet and his rival has dementia. He’s also exactly what they accuse the President of being — a Russian communist colluder.

On Friday, The New York Times revealed Sanders had been the target of a Soviet plot to spread their propaganda in the United States.

In the 1980s, Sanders rose to fame as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He was a socialist at the time no one accepted socialists. We were still close to the War and people knew what socialism meant.

In this clip, he pretends he’s a socialist who believes in democracy. There is nothing democratic about socialism. There’s just socialism and that leads to communism as Karl Marx said. Sanders knew that at the time of this 1981 interview. Democratic Socialists let people vote a few times, and that is the only difference.


Under Sanders’ leadership, Burlington became a sister city to Yaroslavl, USSR, so we could all “live together as friends.”

Russia’s idea of friendship was to use him as a tool for propaganda through the sister city initiative. Bernie obliged with ongoing praise of their systems and incessant negative comments about the United States. His collusion continues to this day.


“One of the most useful channels, in practice, for actively carrying out information-propaganda efforts has proved to be sister-city contact,” a document from the Soviet Foreign Ministry to Yaroslavl at the time read.

“Throughout their negotiations with Burlington City Hall, Yaroslavl officials were coordinating their messaging with Soviet officials in Moscow,” The Times’ report said.

“In a letter to Moscow seeking approval for travel to the United States, Yaroslavl officials pledged that they would talk about the ‘peace-loving foreign policy’ of the Soviet Union and the changes being implemented by [then-Soviet Premier Mikhail] Gorbachev. They attached a seven-point ‘plan for information-propaganda work’” on their visit to Burlington, with specific talking points for each of the delegation’s three members.

“The plan is followed by a nine-page guide issued by the Soviet Foreign Ministry on how to communicate Mr. Gorbachev’s policies to international audiences. It describes antiwar movements, sister-city contacts and foreign cultural figures as particularly important targets for Soviet propaganda.”

“When carrying out propaganda measures abroad, the forms and methods of the information-propaganda work and its concrete contents must be approved by the Soviet Embassy and take into account the Soviet Union’s relationship with the given country,” that document reads.

This was all part of a Soviet initiative to “reveal American imperialism as the main source of the danger of war,” according to The Times.


“Three decades later, amid reports that the Kremlin was looking favorably upon Mr. Sanders’s presidential candidacy…the Burlington-Yaroslavl relationship lives on in an era of renewed tensions between Washington and Moscow,” the Times reports.

Bernie colludes with Russia openly for four decades and no one raises a brow, but all go nuts over no collusion between the Kremlin and President Trump.

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