Kremlin Spokesperson Makes a ‘Humiliating’ Admission?


In a weak moment, the Kremlin spokesperson, a close ally of Russian President Putin, Dimitriy Peskov admitted that they have “suffered significant losses” in Ukraine. “It’s a huge tragedy for us.”

As reported in numerous media, it seems Russia might not have been prepared for the resistance they’d meet. Some estimates of Russian casualties ranged between 7,000 and 15,000.

Mark Austin of Sky News pressed Peskov.

“You’ve lost thousands of troops. How many troops have you lost?” Austin demanded.

In a rare moment of candor and regret, Peskov admitted, “We have, we have significant losses of troops. And it’s, it’s, it’s a huge tragedy for us.”

Austin said, “You’ve retreated from the capital, [Ukraine] President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy is still in power, you’ve lost thousands of troops, you’ve lost six generals, hundreds of tanks and other equipment,” he said. “It’s a humiliation, really, isn’t it?”

Peskov said, “No. No. That is a wrong understanding of what is going on.”

Peskov continued, “Now about two regions, Kyiv and Chernikov regions, so actually, the troops were really withdrawn from that region as an act of goodwill during the negotiations between delegations.”

As the press secretary tried to support this statement, Austin interrupted to say, “But it’s just not true, is it?”

“If it was a measure of goodwill, why then did you continue to bombard Mariupol in the way that you have to devastate that city. If you really wanted to facilitate peace talks, you would have had a ceasefire. … So it’s not really true, is it?” he asked.

That led to a disagreement.

When asked about Bucha, Peskov claimed the genocide was staged.

He didn’t really admit to anything except regret over the loss of life, although the media seems to think he did. [This comment was added after publication]


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