Kudlow on socialist Dem spending creating an irreversible situation


Larry Kudlow spoke with Steve Hilton on his show last night and said the Left’s economic agenda could destroy the middle class. Kudlow stated that it would raise inflation and create an irreversible situation where more people are unemployed than working.

Steve Hilton introduced the segment by discussing ballooning taxes and spurious poll numbers to prove Americans support this spending and this agenda. But, as Hilton said, they ran a Democrat as a moderate who immediately turned the agenda over to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.


“Well, listen, it’s all very Orwellian, I agree. And, you know, one motto here is, ‘If you go woke, you will go broke.’ This is a left-wing agenda, and probably it’s important to fix the most recent issue, which is spending. Reconciliation or the budget resolution that may turn into reconciliation, they’re actually trying to say that’s only $3.5 trillion, ‘only.’ Still, actually, it’s been priced out at 5 to $5.5 trillion by some independent think tanks,” Kudlow said.

“And I think that’s exactly right. Now, here is the point. The more you spend, the more strings are tied to that spending. I mean, think about the unemployment compensation, but also think about the Green New Deal, all of the subsidies in the Green New Deal that are going to be tied to regulations that will block business,” Kudlow added.

“So what you are setting up is a massive spending and regulatory state. And then let’s bring in all of the tax hikes, which I agree with you, I mean, on the supply side of the economy they’re going to choke off output, they’re going to choke off the production of goods and services, there’s no question about that,” he said.


“And you’re right about the pipeline. We’d rather give the keys to Vladimir Putin to run Europe than we would continue energy independence here at home. This stuff is bad policy. There’s no question about it. Here is — what the risk is, the Federal Reserve, which is buying roughly half of the new debt, we’ll increase the debt by some 10 to $15 trillion over the next decade or so,” he continued.

Kudlow continued: “If the Fed keeps buying half of that new debt, then you will have inflation. Right now, we may have temporary inflation or not, and I honestly don’t know. It is what it is, and it’s cutting into workers’ wages, as you said. Longer-term, if the spending goes on and we choke off the supply side of the economy through taxes and regulations, and the Federal Reserve keeps buying all these bonds, you will have permanent inflation.”

“I mean, listen, Steve, if you and I were going to present a socialist central-planning regulatory state, entitlement state agenda, if we were going to do that — which we wouldn’t, but if we were — wouldn’t you want to sell it on the basis of better economic growth?” he asked ironically.

“Like, it would be false, but you would say, Well, this would be 3.5 or 4 percent growth, I promise you,” he said.

“They’re only promising less than 2 percent growth, so they need some help from Madison Avenue, as well as — they should read some books by Art Laffer and Tom Sowell and Larry Kudlow to tell them that if you go woke, you’re going to go broke. You will just choke off the economy,” he said.


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