Kudlow on Trained Communist Yue Chen as US ESG Cop


During an interview with Sandra Smith on Fox News, Larry Kudlow expressed his concerns about the appointment of trained communist Yue Chen to a key position.

Yue Chen will be the climate-risk – ESG – cop for the federal government’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). She received her training at Tsinghua University in Communist China. The Maoist University is heavily into defense, cyberattacks, AI, navigation technology, etc.

“She is a trained communist, and they have to pick her, to run, to be the climate person in the banking regulatory office? There’s 350 million Americans, 160 million working people, and we have to do this? Omarova the Second? Really?” Kudlow said.

Sandra Smith “This is not the only one,” and Americans should know about this. Our failing policies are coming from these appointees. We should know who they are.

Kudlow said he knows they’re going to appoint someone he disagrees with on policy, “but they don’t have to appoint a communist.”

“President Xi went to that university,” Kudlow said.

The university is linked to the Chinese Communist military. Once again, Joe Biden sells us out to China via Yue Chen.

Biden caters to the most radical progressives in the party. Democrats can’t win without them.

We will find out from the Feds today if they make a political decision to protect Democrats or raise the interest rate by 1%. Larry Kudlow addressed it. He also commented on Joe Biden talking about inflation coming down. Powell will likely raise rates .75 points.


ESG, environment, social, governance, is the financial underpinning of The Great Reset. It’s very dangerous and undoubtedly something Communist China would want us to do. ESG is sold as a way of investing or assessing companies on their environmental, social and governance performance while also considering financial returns. Unfortunately, the problem with it is the rich and powerful, the elites, make all the decisions. One of the people in charge will be Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, a far-left individual who will steer nations to the far left as prescribed by the Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum.

ESG is a leveraging tool for the WOKE’s Great Reset.

The term “ESG” was originally coined by the United Nations Environment Program Initiative in 2005, but the methodology was not fully applied to the corporate world until the past six years when ESG investment skyrocketed, Tyler Durden wrote.

Some people say that ESG is not a “communist” mechanism because communism technically involves the state taking control of the means of production. They are missing the fact that Communism is about controlling culture just as much as it is about controlling the economy, Durden notes.

Government and corporations work hand-in-hand to exist and to stay alive.

Zero Hedge writes:

One could call this an odd mix of communism and fascism; the point is, the lines have blurred beyond all recognition and the ideology of the people in power is specifically leftist/communist/globalist. Corporations already have government incentives to protect the corrupt status quo, but ESG is designed to lure them into supporting vocal political alignment even at the cost of normal profits.

ESG is about money; loans given out by top banks and foundations to companies that meet the guidelines of “stakeholder capitalism.”  Companies must show that they are actively pursuing a business environment that prioritizes woke virtues and climate change restrictions.  These loans are not an all prevailing income source, but ESG loans are highly targeted, they are growing in size (for now) and they are very easy to get as long as a company is willing to preach the social justice gospel as loudly as possible…

How bad is it? It’s a blending of communism and fascism. They won’t be traditional totalitarians since they have AI to track us and know everything about us. Soon they will do away with cash and have total control.

It’s control Mao and Hitler could only have dreamed about. That makes the appointment of Yue Chen, a trained communist, to ESG cop all the more troubling.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Joe Biden, the race cleanser, is exploiting all types of people including illegal aliens and fellow race-hating CCP operatives, to further himself. The fiend (and his family) have been in criminal bed with chinese communists for years with one example being the Biden gaggle of honking geese recently exposed as selling off US oil to the communists.

1 year ago

Traitor Joe is doing all he can to Destroy America and Democrats are behind him. People will be forced to do what they need to do.

It is Clear that a Goal of the World Economic Forum is the extermination of at 90% of the People on the Planet. With what we are learning about the “Shots”. they may have already exterminated at least 50% of the First World as we look at excessive Deaths in the years from 2008 to 2018. People just don’t know it yet. Was the “Shot” designed to reach the WEF Goal of 7 Billion dead by 2030? Unfortunately it is beginning to look like that is a Reality.

The Traitor Joe Regime is destroying every institution in America as fast as possible and The Democrats in Congress are protecting him. What’s far worse is his around the back use of Industry ot enforce a Mandate is that Traitor Joe is destroying the American People. Open Borders are just your replacements.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

We ARE screwed!!!