Kudlow shreds Dems over 10,000 page spend and tax bill


The more than 10,000-page Democrat spending bill allegedly amounts to $3.5 trillion in spending, but it is actually more than $5 trillion when all is said and done. A bill with 10,000 pages will never be read, and that’s the intent.

No one will ever read 10,000 pages.

Democrats are not following the process of going through the bill. Instead, they are hiding the details of the bill. There is no full and open mark-up. It’s an enormous welfare bill and amounts to unprecedented dependence on the government.

Go woke, go broke. It’s redistribution on a grand scale.

The list of tax hikes is truly unbelievable. The amount of new taxes is extreme and will inflict major damage on the economy, the workforce, and investors, Kudlow believes.

The measure greatly blows up the welfare state and discourages work. If the Americans hear this, they will oppose it, Kudlow says. That’s why they are hiding the policies.

Kudlow lists some of the taxes and it’s stunning.


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9 months ago

Democrats know they are toast in 2022 so they have to steal all they can now.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

Ryan and Mitch also hid bill contents. It is wrong. Ryan and Mitch are 2 of the primary enablers of the democratic takeover. I see no RINOs giving the proper criticisms of this bill which Kudlow has. That’s because, the repub party “leaders” are with the dems, functioning as controlled opposition, but you will never figure that out withing the Faux News echo chamber.