Kurt Eichenwald Warns Media a Teen Parkland Survivor Is Out to Get Them All


Newsweek editor Kurt Eichenwald got into a Direct Message [DM] fight with teenager Kyle Kashuv and then showed the exchange to a psychiatrist to try and evaluate his mental state. He has a conspiracy theory about the kid and is warning the media he is out to get them all.

All while this strange man was tweeting this crazy stuff, he painted himself as a victim.

The strange writer dude also contacted conservative Ben Shapiro because Shapiro has been a supporter of the pro-2nd Amendment kid Kyle Kashuv.

After the DM fight, Eichenwald sent a bizarre email to Ben Shapiro Tuesday morning, laying out the conspiracy theory about Kashuv, whom he described as being in need of psychiatric help and attempting to conspire against all journalists.

He thinks the teen has sent “bots” and “trolls” out to get him.

If you will remember, Eichenwald is the writer/former MSNBC contributor/former Vanity Fair editor who sued a Reddit user for sending him a strobe meme that he said gave him an epileptic fit. He brought that up in his DM’s with Kyle in a most bizarre fashion. The discussion included a conversation about Ben Shapiro. The entire exchange was insane but if you know Eichenwald, it’s par for the course.

Daily Caller has the direct messages between Eichenwald and Kyle Kashuv on this link. Eichenwald said the DM’s were “deeply disturbing”.

Eichenwald is the one who said we mustn’t troll or attack kid survivors of the Parkland shooting, but he won’t stop trolling Kyle.

Eichenwald put the messages together and decided this great kid, Kyle Kashuv, is “mentally deranged”. He thinks a 16-year old is tricking journalists and has some massive plot against them.

Eichenwald should realize that journalists don’t need a 16-year old to do it. They are doing a fine job of that on their own without his help.

This is the conspiracy he came up with and sent to Ben:

Kurt is on one of his OCD-style Twitter rants as we speak. He sees conspiracies everywhere.

People might remember his famous meltdown on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

As an aside, Eichenwald isn’t working for the companies he said he’s working for. His contracts weren’t renewed and he knew that but he thought he was working for them just the same. Check it out.

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