KY Gov. Beshear Loses and the People Pick Their Next Senator


On Friday, a Super Majority of Republican lawmakers in Kentucky overrode Democrat Governor Andy Beshear’s veto of a law that strips the state’s executive of authority to appoint future US Senate vacancies. The lawmakers did this because of concerns about Mitch McConnell‘s health.

The vote was along partisan lines.

In 2021, Kentucky’s GOP lawmakers limited Beshear’s ability to appoint a successor. Now, he has no role in filling vacancies.

The new law sounds good. It turns it over to the people. The state will hold a special election, and the winner will serve the remainder of the unexpired term. Turning it over to the people is always a good idea.

Governor Beshear was upset about the “maneuvers,” stating “that this had been in place since 1942.”

It was time for a change.

Not only is Mitch McConnell showing signs of poor health, but he’s also 82. That is past the expected lifespan for an American. He also went through the recent death of his wife’s younger sister, Angla Chao. She drove drunk into a pond and drowned. He’s been through a lot, and no one knows how long he will last.

Beshear cut and pasted his veto.

Beshear is a World Economic Forum puppet and follows the lead of the demented one. Gov. Beshear vetoed a bill that simply ensured any energy changes made to suit climate change extremism did not abandon other forms of energy too quickly.

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