The ATF Blew Bryan Malinowski Away and Won’t Answer Questions


Bryan Malinowski, a gun collector, was the highly respected Executive Director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Pulaski County, Arkansas. Mr. Malinowski was shot and killed in a pre-dawn no-knock raid at his home. Unbeknownst to Mr. Malinowski and his wife, who were still sleeping, at least ten black cars and vans pulled up to his home at 6 am while it was still dark. They jumped out in full tactical gear, holding automatic rifles.

The couple woke up when the ATF broke down the door. Mrs. Malinowski can’t recall them announcing who they were. Mr. Malinowski loaded a gun and went to the door, his wife, in a thin nightgown, right behind him.

All they could see were figures in the darkness.

Mrs. Malinowski said they didn’t know who they were. They were figures in the darkness.

Mr. Malinowski shot at their feet one time, and the ATF said an agent’s ankle was slightly injured. They aimed at Mr. Malinowski’s head, and parts of his brain and blood covered Mrs. Malinowski.

Mrs. Malinowski was not allowed to use the bathroom or put on other clothes, even neighbor’s clothes. She sat in a police car for hours, covered in her husband’s blood and brains. Most of Bryan’s brain was blown out.

Reports via the media were scarce, but a KARK report claimed he was selling guns without conducting background checks and without a license. We have not seen proof of that.

The ATF wasn’t there to arrest him. They went to his home only to serve a search warrant.

Bryan Malinowski

A search warrant gets a no-knock raid? Former Gov. Huckabee said those are not the grounds for a no-knock raid, and he is investigating the case. Since the shooting, the ATF has failed to answer even one question. They will not release any bodycam footage and had covered the doorbell camera when they arrived. So, there’s no evidence of what went down.

Even if Mr. Malinowski was charged with the allegations in the warrant, Mr. Huckabee said it was a process crime and would normally end in probation.


The media cares when the dead person is black but not when the person is white. It’s more of a double standard. Is it because militant organizations will riot in the case of black people, even if it is a justified shooting? Some may think this is justifiable because of past wrongs, but they will rue the day they let justice fail. Justice is for everyone or none at all.

There must be answers in this case.

Here is an excerpt:

As part of his hobby of collecting, buying, and selling various items, Bryan occasionally set up a table at local gun shows where he mainly displayed guns and coins. In Arkansas, a private seller may legally sell a firearm without holding a federal firearm license (FFL) and without filling out forms or conducting background checks. A private seller may do so until such time they cross a subjectively defined barrier, becoming “a person engaged in the business of selling firearms.” As stated, there is no bright line test. It is a subjective test. A citizen’s ability to sell firearms without a license is sometimes referred to as the “gun show loophole.”


According to the search warrant affidavit in this case, ATF suspected Bryan Malinowski of meeting at least parts of their subjective definition of a “person engaged in the business of selling firearms. Mr. Malinowski’s family and close friends don’t think he had any inkling ATF was concerned about his gun show sales. They are all confident that he would have never jeopardized his career in airport management by knowingly flaunting a regulation pertaining to his weekend hobby.

Read the article. It’s quite shocking. We need answers.

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