Kyle Rittenhouse’s Name Cannot Be Googled on Facebook


The bloodlust you see for Kyle Rittenhouse is exactly what I see every day for January 6 defendants. Up against corrupt prosecutors, a vicious news media, and libelous social media influencers. If they could arrest and charge all of us, they would. Very dangerous time.

~ Julie Kelly, American Greatness

A post by InsiderPaper said Kyle Rittenhouse’s name cannot be googled on Facebook without getting a blank page. It didn’t seem like it could possibly be true, but it is. We get the same results. However, you can get information for ‘Rittenhouse murder trial,’ ‘Gaige Grosskreutz,’ et cetera.

It’s about what one could expect from Facebook. The media, in general, has disgracefully reported on this case. You cannot get the truth from them. It’s better to watch the trial or not form an opinion.

The message is they won’t mention Kyle Rittenhouse’s name as if he was a serial killer.

The testimony this afternoon is bizarre. The prosecutor doesn’t seem to think getting hit in the head twice with a skateboard is reason to think you’re going to be killed. Apparently, the only way you can be exonerated for self-defense as a non-communist while under attack is if you let the person beat you up, possibly kill you, and have a smaller weapon.

The witness yesterday, Gaige Grosskreutz had his gun aimed at Kyle Rittenhouse when he was shot, but the prosecutor seems to think that was hardly reason enough for Kyle to defend himself.

The media is pretending this is a real murder case. What you won’t hear in the legacy media is the American Left is planning to kill Kyle Rittenhouse. They’re blogging on Twitter freely.

At one point, Judge Schroeder screamed at the prosecutor who thinks Kyle Rittenhouse had no right to remain silent after his arrest. He felt it was a constitutional violation. The Left is very angry about this.

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