Pervy Senior Citizen Jeffrey Toobin Calls Kyle Rittenhouse an Idiot


The stupidest man on CNN who masturbated in front of co-workers on a zoom call is calling Kyle Rittenhouse an idiot. Kyle Rittenhouse thought he was going to protect cars in a used car lot and wash graffiti off walls. He thought no one would mess with him if he was visibly armed but the opposite turned out to be true. Why was that true? It was true because these Antifa and BLMers are never held to account for anything.

As for Kyle, it was foolish perhaps, but let’s not forget he was 17 and probably had no ill intentions. He actually responded with quick and accurate responses given the situation.

The people who visibly attacked Kyle as we’ve seen in videos were idiots. The assailants were not teens. In fact, Joseph Rosenbaum, the first man killed, was 36 years old.

When we think of Toobin, idiot is the best that comes up. He’s a piggish senior citizen who likely knew the women on the zoom call could see him masturbate. If not, then he’s just an idiot jerking off on a business call while innocent women are discussing the news and business. Ugh!

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