LA City council might seize private hotels like the Ritz to house homeless


Put them in the Ritz

Los Angeles, under the leadership of an extremely far-left official, Mayor Eric Garcetti, is talking about taking over hotels if they ever received a tax break for any reason.

The far-far-left Los Angeles city council voted on Wednesday to identify any hotels refusing to house the homeless as part of Project Roomkey. Then they want to investigate if any of those hotels have gotten tax breaks from the city in the past. If they had, they think these hotels may need to be “commandeered”. Another word for ‘commandeered,’ is ‘seized.’


The city wants to house 15,000 homeless through the project. Only 1,582 have been housed as of Wednesday. The city can’t seem to understand why hotels that aren’t participating so they are just going to take them over.

“If hotels are making a distinction among people classifying housed and unhoused differently in terms of accommodations that they’re going to be repaid for, that the city and county will pay for with reimbursements, then I think there’s a potential civil rights violation,” Councilman Mike Bonin said. “If the problems are on the hotel end, the public should know why, and then we should consider commandeering as they’ve talked about in other cities.”


The far-far-left officials say hotels resisting in that use of their private property are violating civil rights!!! That’s nuts. What about the civil rights of the people living in the hotels?

FOXLA reporter Bill Melugin said in a pair of Twitter posts, “The LA city council voted today to identify any hotels refusing to house the homeless via Project Roomkey & investigate any city tax breaks they’ve gotten in the past. Councilman Bonin suggested these hotels are violating civil rights and suggested “commandeering” them.”

Hey, rich people, stop voting for people who hate you, vote Republican.


“The homeowners association at the Ritz Carlton is pushing back. Hundreds of people pay millions of $$ to live in the 224 condo units on the residence side of the hotel, and they fear there will be security and health issues if hundreds of homeless are brought in,” he added.

Our society is sick and not because hotels don’t want to — logically – participate. Having personal experience with tent cities and their inhabitants, I can tell you that many are very dangerous. They are mostly drug addicts and mentally ill people. They are unable to take care of themselves properly, including properly disposing of their bodily wastes.


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