Sex Offender released from jail to save him from the virus re-arrested within days


States are releasing ‘non-violent’ inmates from prisons across the nation to protect the criminals from the virus, at the same time they are imprisoning moms trying to feed their kids. I guess they have to make room for hard-working Americans who don’t want their children to starve.

Some law enforcement officials have raised concerns over releasing some of these people, but politicians and judges aren’t listening.

A number of very dangerous high-risk prisoners have been released, especially sex offenders. Take Orange County for example, where seven dangerous sex offenders were released into the community. One re-offended within two days. Some reports say another three were re-arrested.


California released 3500 state prisoners — ‘non-violent’ of course.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer disagrees, railing at the early release decision, saying all state inmates are dangerous.

“This will become the slippery slope for everybody,” Spitzer said. “If they’re doing it at the state level, they’ll do it at the county jails. … That’s why gun sales are going up.”

On April 29, residents of Orange County were issued a warning by District Attorney Todd Spitzer, letting them know that seven registered sex offenders who he said were “high-risk” were recently released from custody.

According to KTLA, Spitzer said the convicted men spent “just days” in jail instead of the six months required by law for those registered as sex offenders. Several of them had also been charged with cutting off their GPS monitors or tampering with their tracking devices. Many are illegal aliens, as we have reported.

In what world does any of this make sense?


One of these child sex offenders released back into the public was Rudy William Grajeda Magdaleno, 39. His criminal history includes child molestation, indecent exposure, assault, battery, criminal threats and inflicting injury on an adult, officials said. Magdaleno has had five parole violations since 2017. He was released on April 13 after serving 142 days on a parole violation for failing to charge his GPS monitoring device. The pervert was ordered to report but he “does not report,” officials said.

Illegal alien criminal Magdaleno was re-arrested over the weekend for indecent exposure only days after he was released.

Oh, but he might get the virus. Meanwhile, a hard-working mom in Dallas is in jail with virus-afflicted prisoners for opening her salon and trying to feed her children.

The powers-that-be are making criminals out of innocent people and releasing dangerous perverts.

This makes sense how?



Luis Joel Ramirez, 27, of Costa Mesa, who has a history of sexual battery, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting a peace officer, burglary and possessing a leaded cane, a deadly weapon, and who prosecutors say has violated his parole four times since 2019;

James Franklin Bowling, 50, of Orange, who has a history of lewd conduct in a public place, repeated convictions for failing to register as a sex offender, repeated convictions for being a sex offender on school grounds, possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, and has allegedly violated parole twice since February;

Calvin Curtis Coleman, 52, of Santa Ana, who has a history of lewd conduct in a public place and has allegedly violated parole three times since 2019;

Kyle Albert Winton, 40, of Mission Viejo, who has a history of child molestation, criminal threats to cause great bodily injury or death, resisting a peace officer, DUI and hit and run with property damage, and has allegedly violated parole once;

Jose Adrian Oregel, 46, of Santa Ana, who has a history of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, oral copulation of a person under the age of 18, great bodily injury, and being a second striker, and who prosecutors claim has violated parole six times since June of 2019;  and

Mario Ernesto Sandoval, 45, of Stanton, who has a history of sexual battery, touching for sexual arousal, indecent exposure, assault on a peace officer and assault, and allegedly violated parole once this year. REARRESTED allegedly violated parole.

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3 years ago

There’s a stark difference between these days and generations ago. The tattoo parlor owner was on a news program detailing his experience. It’s the same with many who are in a no-win situation and, as a result, take actions that go against authorities. Nowadays we have an authoritarian form of enforcement for really anything and everything. At this time it is more obvious and exposed more widely. In my younger days this would have been Unheard of to first incarcerate someone for such an offense. Enforcement was done for criminal actions that were statutorily defined. Police officers were not considered “enforcement” officers, but rather “Public Servants”, and by the way, were trained and recruited for that. Today we live in the era of “enforcement”. It is now called “law enforcement” officers. In past times, in such a situation, the first thing upon learning of this man’s dilemma an officer would have attempted to coordinate some type of help or assistance (public servant).

This particular case the individual was essentially destitute. It would have never occurred to an officer to arrest someone “as a criminal”. But today we have LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) whose primary purpose is to first arrest someone for any type of charge they can imagine. The charge of disorderly conduct is one that is widely used and even the act of “tensing” up is a sign of criminal activity. You can see where this comes from by the recruitment videos put out by LEO agencies. There is No public service component spoken of. Compare that with recruitment from generations ago. What this leads to is the gradual morphing into a police state. Once you have reached that precipice you will undoubtedly have people arrested for “trying” to earn a living. What the public needs to consider is, to what point will all this be allowed. As political leaders become more brazen they will need to rely more and more on “police powers”. What was once servants, will become thugs for the powerful. Venezuela has seen its decline and no country is immune. We “might” be guided by a Constitution but the recent SCOTUS denial to Pennsylvania shows that is No guarantee. They Have been supporting the gradual beginnings of “police control” of the population. Pennsylvania shows, given the proper circumstances, that even SCOTUS will bend to State Control. Venezuela has similar Courts that conferred power to the State in all they do. Liberty is an “idea” and ideas Can be crushed.

3 years ago

I’ll just say this for all those who gripe about, “why do these Jews vote democrat”. Well, I ask, why does so many in California keep voting against THEIR own self-interest. Why do the people of California keep putting up with this.