LA DA’s husband pulls gun on Black Lives Matter protesters at his door


In the irony of ironies, the husband of Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey met Black Lives Matter protesters who knocked on his door with a gun drawn and a threat to use it if they didn’t leave.

Lacey apologized for the incident but added emotionally that she is getting death threats and has been followed and confronted many times.[videos below]

Black Lives Matter members claim that officers involved in fatal shootings of African Americans are not being held accountable. They have been irrational about the issue.

Lacey is seeking a third term as district attorney in Tuesday’s elections. That’s likely why they showed up to intimidate her and her family.

She told reporters the couple woke up to noise outside their home. She said her husband’s response was in fear and he was “profoundly sorry” and meant no one harm.

“I, too, am sorry if anybody was harmed,” said the visibly shaken prosecutor. “It’s never my intent to harm any protester. I just want to live in peace and do my job.”

Los Angeles police will investigate the incident and, “if appropriate, bring to an independent prosecutor’s office for review,” the district attorney’s office said in a statement.

Melina Abdullah, an activist, and professor of Pan African Studies at Cal State LA said going to Lacey’s house on the eve of the election was their way of trying to take Lacey up on her word to meet with the group.

Sure it was. By the way, these Pan African Studies are extreme, communist, and consequently, anti-American.


Lacey said she had offered to meet with Black Lives Matter representatives in the past, but “felt it should be one-on-one or a small group. They have rejected those offers,” Lacey said. Abdullah said she’s refused, but they just don’t like her conditions.

“I do not believe it is fair or right for protesters to show up at the homes of people who dedicate their lives to public service,” Lacey said.

The Black Lives Matter groups are nasty and have no business going to peoples’ homes. Police can determine if the husband needs to be charged, but why are these BLMers allowed to trespass, threaten, and follow people, especially a woman. Don’t Democrats care about women?

Watch her husband:

They weren’t too afraid, they were laughing.

Watch an emotional Jackie Lacey talk about the threats:

This is the full video:

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