Desperate Dems Flock to Crazy Joe as Opposed to Crazy Bernie


Democrats are desperately circling the wagons around Crazy Joe because the alternative threatens to blow up the party. It’s not that they disagree with Bernie, it’s that he’s unelectable in their minds.

The establishment started to take aim at this hot mess yesterday, as we reported. Barack Obama allegedly called Pete Buttigieg and that’s when he dropped out. That was immediately followed by Amy Klobuchar. Both now support Joe Biden. Beto also got the call. The establishment is coming out big time for Joe and is allegedly putting pressure on Bloomberg to get out.

As an aside, they can’t put pressure on Bloomberg. He’s too rich and doesn’t care. Warren is taking votes from Bernie so she can stay for a while.

The Democrat Party probably promised Pete and Amy something for their withdrawal and Biden endorsement.


The endorsements are pouring in, although we noticed Rep. Clyburn waited until the last possible moment to endorse crazy Joe. They are all waiting until the last minute.

As one person says in this clip, he wishes Joe was younger, but “he’s the best we got.” Another said she’s “concerned” and “he [Joe] needs to get some rest.”


Brit Hume says the Democrats are worried, but so is Bernie. He said Bernie has no cause for complaint:

If Joe does win by some miracle, he will owe an unbelievable political debt. An African American woman will be his running mate for certain.

He will pay it off no matter what because he is being supported only to be a puppet. No one with his mental acuity can be supported for any other reason.

Kamala Harris, a strong VP contender, has jumped on board. She probably got the call.

Heavyweight Barbara Boxer endorsed crazy Joe. Beto too, he’s onboard, and we would like to know what this loon was promised.

The establishment hopes that all the votes originally cast for these former candidates will go to crazy Joe.

Yesterday alone, he racked up these last-minute, desperate endorsements:
  • Sen. Tammy Duckworth
  • Former Sen. Harry Reid
  • Congressman Gil Cisneros
  • Congresswoman Veronica Escobar
  • Congresswoman Marcia Fudge
  • Former Sen. Mark Udall
  • Den. Mayor Michael Hanock
  • Austin Mayor Steve Adler
  • Obama Admin NSA Susan Rice
  • Former Sen. Ted Kennedy’s widow, Vickie Kennedy
  • Virginia House Majority Leader Charniele Herring
  • 30 Top VA leaders
  • HRC President Chad Griffin

They all obviously feel the way the man in the video feels — he’s the best we got.

Today promises to be a fateful day for the Democrat [Socialist] Party.

Will Sanders win enough delegates to give him an insurmountable lead for the nomination? Or will he have a merely good night, winning most of the states but not a large enough pile of delegates to reach 50 percent before the convention in Milwaukee?

The establishment is buying Biden is the electable one argument, despite his erratic, confused mutterings and stumbles on a daily basis.

Bernie, to some degree, admits what he is, but Biden is the far-left stealth socialist the Democrat [Socialist] Party needs right now.

Biden will have to be kept to short 2-minute speeches if they hope to hide his mental problems over the ensuing months. Even then, it probably can’t be done. The debates should be fascinating.

Democrats obviously chose crazy Joe. They will lose the young and a lot of Democrat Latinos, but they’ve done the math and this is what they came up with.

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