How Super Tuesday looks from the Left while the Right cringes


Today is Super Tuesday and there are fourteen states voting, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Utah, Vermont, American Samoa, Ex-Pats. They represent one-third of the primary vote count. Primaries and caucuses go all the way until June. Super Tuesday could be very telling or not.

This is the lineup with delegates: AL – 52,  AR – 31, CA – 415, CO – 67, ME – 24, MA – 9,1 MN – 75, NC – 110, OK – 37, TN – 64, TX – 228, UT – 29, VT – 16, VA – 99, American Samoa – 6, Ex-Pats – who knows, Total: 1,344

Bernie’s probably going to win California and Texas.

All of these states have open primaries, some with same-day registration Alabama, ArkansasMinnesota (same day reg), Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont (same day reg), Virginia

The real clear politics polling average for Super Tuesday has all of these lunatics beating the President, including people not running like Klobuchar and Buttigieg. It can’t be discounted. The Democrat [Socialist] Party is the largest U.S. party and they are now socialists and communists. Can that train be stopped?

The betting odds are with Biden although Bernie leads.

Elizabeth Warren is on track to lose her own state of Massachusetts. She still can’t be totally counted out. She accumulated $29 million in donations in February alone but burns through it all very quickly.

It’s unclear if Joe Biden got the bump he needed. He still can’t get through a speech sounding like he’s mentally fit.


Joy Reid is a Biden supporter and was critical of Bernie not showing up in Selma. She listed about ten points on Twitter but it was her usual blather so we aren’t posting them.

Robert Reich is a Marxist who worked as Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton. He’s a Bernie guy.

They are going to restore the soul of the nation with a man who is so out of it, he can only serve as a puppet. Many are fine with that.

Well, at least we now know Peter Daou is a communist.

Nurses for communism:

This madman has a lot of power and he gets a lot of press. In a sane world, in a healthy America, no one would have given him air time.

Communists for Bernie are having too much fun, including the fraud Omar:

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