LA defunded the police but now needs millions to refund the police


What were the officials in LA thinking or were they thinking? In July of 2020, they defunded the police by $150 million. By November, murders soared to 300.

The police had to disband their sexual assault unit which nabbed Harvey Weinstein.

Now they are getting a dose of reality. The police go into the most dangerous, violent neighborhoods to protect the innocent, and they don’t care what race they are.

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Gurgling Guts
Gurgling Guts
1 year ago

Uncle moved out there in early 1960’s and made his fortune in restaurant business, passed it down to children who had no such heft, he is shocked that L.A. is now shit ridden and how it spread from the sulfur stench lair of demonrat CCP Nancy Pelousy.
The burn it all down hordes won’t stop until everything is a steaming pile of smoldering ruins.