LA Doctor is curing COVID patients with Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc


A Los Angeles doctor told channel 7 news that hydroxychloroquine with zinc works well on patients with coronavirus — he’s curing very sick people. The zinc is very important, he said. Without zinc, it did nothing.

Very ill patients who were prescribed the combination were better in eight to twelve hours.

Isn’t that wonderful news?

“Every patient I’ve prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free,” Cardillo said in an interview Sunday with KABC-TV. “So, clinically I am seeing a resolution.”

He added that combining the drug with zinc has been the key to success. The hydroxychloroquine, he said, “opens the zinc channel” allowing the zinc to enter the cell, which then “blocks the replication of cellular machinery.”

Cardillo believes the drug should only be prescribed for patients who are extremely sick and in urgent need so as to not deplete the limited supply of the drug, which is used to treat other illnesses, as well.

“We have to be cautious and mindful that we don’t prescribe it for patients who have COVID who are well,” he said. “It should be reserved for people who are really sick, in the hospital or at home very sick, who need that medication. Otherwise, we’re going to blow through our supply for patients that take it regularly for other disease processes.”

This will be sad news for Big Pharma since they want to come up with a cure first. This could be the cure. Big Pharma needs to focus on the vaccine.



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