LA Dodgers to Honor Profane Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


The ‘satirical’ nuns of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have long been California’s most recognizable drag outfit. Their blasphemous performances get them notoriety. They are among its oldest queer service groups, having begun in 1979. These infidels make their bones by mocking Jesus Christ, nuns, women, and, most commonly, Catholics.

The LA Dodgers sought to honor them during the team’s Pride Night and then dumped them. Reportedly, it was due to pressure from conservative Catholic groups. They then faced backlash from elected officials, radical activists, and Dodger fans. They reversed course. The fake sisters will again feature prominently at the game and will be regaled by their PRIDE fans.

They aren’t just honoring them. They’re giving them a community heroes award. The LA Dodgers will grovel to the sexual revolutionaries of the Left. Corporations side with the morally insane and anti-biological Left. The LA Dodgers are the latest to fall.

Do you recognize Biden’s disgraced nuclear waste official Sam Brinton on the bottom right? He’s Sister Ray Dee O’Active, and he engages in things like luggage theft and puppy play. He is currently in prison.

These fake nuns represent gross blasphemy. They claim that is not true.

“[I reject] the narrative that this is offensive to Catholics,” said Sister Bearoncé, a Los Angeles Sister and lifelong Dodger fan. “Religion is being used as a weapon … to exclude a group of people.”

Yet, they wield the sword. Go figure. They’re the ones mocking, but they’re the victims?

About a third of Angelenos are Catholic, and many within the Dodgers franchise and its fandom are devout. Perhaps this is to whittle away at that.

The conservative advocacy organization CatholicVote. At the urging of the organization’s president, Brian Burch, followers flooded the ball club with outraged messages over plans to honor the Los Angeles Sisters with the Community Heroes Award at the team’s 10th annual Pride Night on June 16, the LA Times writes.

“The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are an anti-Catholic hate group which exists to desecrate and degrade the Catholic faith,” Burch wrote in an open letter to the baseball commissioner on Tuesday. “For a revered, all-American institution like the Dodgers to bring the [Sisters] into the mainstream and honor them is reprehensible.”

He accused the Sisters of “taunting the women religious who serve the poor in Southern California and around the world” — a charge the group rejects.

“We are not anti-Catholic,” said Sister Unity, a founding member of the Los Angeles Order, who was to be honored at Dodger Stadium. “Being anti-Catholic would be anti-people, and that’s not what we do.”

“Rather, the order draws inspiration from Catholic nuns — alongside religious sisters of many other faiths — serving the needy who are neglected by others because of their sexuality or gender expression, according to the Sisters and scholars and acolytes of the group.

“Many Sisters feel there’s a difference between what they’re doing and what drag performers do,” said Melissa M. Wilcox, a professor of religious studies at UC Riverside and author of “Queer Nuns: Religion, Activism, and Serious Parody.” “The Sisters are actually emulating nuns. They’ll say, ‘We’re nuns because we do the work that nuns do.’”

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida wrote an open letter to Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, describing the group as “a group of gay and transgender drag performers that intentionally mocks and degrades Christians.” Seems like that’s the truth.

This isn’t hate, and Anti-Catholic?

USA Today author Mike Freeman writes:

“It may seem like hate wins a lot. And yes, it often does. That’s because hate is among the easiest of feelings to generate, to manipulate. Hate is easy and lazy. It’s the dirty bomb of emotions. It’s painful to say this, scary to say this, but it does work. Far too often.”

“Yes, hate does win, but what the unbelievable situation with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence shows is that hate can be beat. It can be beat with steadiness, righteousness, and allyship. Hate can be beaten back when good people care.”

He’s not talking about the radical leftists of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. No, Mr. Freeman thinks their victims are the haters for not wanting their beliefs desecrated.

“This is the biggest lesson from all of this and it should be extrapolated to other parts of our lives. When it seems like the bad guys will win, and the villain is giving his speech detailing how he’s going to use his laser blaster to destroy you, there is always room to fight. Just when it seemed that the Dodgers were going to continue to cower, they didn’t. Not because they suddenly saw the light, but because they were forced to see it.”

He is even angry that the Dodgers had a brief moment of enlightenment.

Do you see how that works? They hate and mock religion and an order of religious women, but they’re not the haters. Their victims are the haters.

Do you see the lie?

The author, Mike Freeman, goes on to say, “If you haven’t followed this rapidly moving story, it’s essentially gone like this. The Dodgers bent to pressure to disinvite the Sisters, a civil rights organization that fights for the LGBTQ community, and while doing so wear heavy makeup and nuns’ habits, and make their point with biting humor.”

He takes mockery and sacrilege and turns it into “biting humor.” That’s a lie.

When satire comes too close to the truth:

The fake sisters say they’re “nonprofit … bawdy…satire” and “camp.” That’s rationalization – a lie. These radicals hate religion and nuns. They know what they are doing. They’re profane.

They’re appropriating a culture to demean it.

Who would openly attack  Hasidic Jews, Muslims, or minority leftist groups in the public square, as Princeton scholar Robert P. George pointed out on Twitter? But we have devolved. Women, especially religious Christian women, can be broadly ridiculed and mocked.

“Bill Donohue of The Catholic League released a list of the group’s most offensive stunts since its founding in 1979 (see below). The milder ones include burning the pope in effigy, staging a “Hunky Jesus” contest every Easter, and equating a certain contraceptive to the Eucharist,” says Jennifer Graham at Deseret News.

They are protected under the First Amendment, but do we have to honor them in the City of Angels, home to 5 million Catholics?

In response to the LA Dodgers decision, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone tweeted, “Disappointing but not surprising. Gird your loins.” The phrase is biblical and means to prepare yourself for battle. The battle is coming.

“Churches are not remotely prepared for what is rapidly coming to us,” Christian commentator Rod Dreher said last year, Graham wrote.

We no longer know what a woman or a nun is. They are vanquishing us.

The LGBT nuns dress as demons:

This is what a nun looks like:

You are not a homophobe or a hater if you don’t want women, religion, Jesus Christ mocked and cursed. They are the haters and the bigots. Contact the Dodgers here:


Bill Donohue

(A timeline of anti-Catholic actions committed by these bigots)

1979: This was the beginning of the Sisters. In San Francisco’s Castro District, three men dressed in traditional nun’s habit walked the streets. One of them carried a machine gun. Then they went to a nude beach. It was then that they adopted the name the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

1982: A year after AIDS was discovered, the Sisters were upset, but they did not complain about the lethal sex practices that gave rise to AIDS; rather, they complained about the “fear and prejudice” that it was engendering. “Sr. Florence  Nightmare” and “Sr. Roz Erection” addressed the issue.

1987: The Sisters were granted a tax-exempt status after trashing Pope John Paul II’s visit to San Francisco. The Sisters held an “exorcism” and a “Condom Savior Mass” in Union Square. At the event, they featured “the Latex Host” and referred to Jesus as “the Condom Savior.” They also burned the Pope in effigy.

1987: They staged a “Hunky Jesus” contest, something they do every year on Easter Sunday.

1989: On their tenth anniversary, they held many events, including one with “Sr. Psychedelia’s” rise from the dead, and “Pope Dementia’s Altered Boys.” They wore “only thongs and smiles.”

1989: At the “Condom Savior Mass,” the Sisters read from a text of the “Condom Savior Consecration.” It said, “The Latex Host is the flesh for the life of the world. Just as the Creator who has life sent us, we have life because of the Condom Savior. Those who feed on this latex will have life because of it. This is the bread that comes down from Heaven, and, unlike those who eat not and therefore die, those who feed on this bread shall live forever!”

1990: A staff writer for the Miami Herald said the Sisters were noted for “carrying a 20-foot replica of a penis” at its street events.

1992: At a rally in Sacramento at the Capital Christian Center, the Sisters held signs of the Cross with a pink inverted triangle in the place of Jesus; the inscription read, “Stop Crucifying Queers.”

1992: “On Parade,” a publication of the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade and Celebration Committee, published an article by “Sister Dana Van Iquity” which said the motto of the Sisters is “Encroach not on my crotch!” and “Leave my loins alone.” He described the day’s events, including “Dykes on Bikes” and “Dykes with Tikes on Trikes.”

1993: At another rally at the Capital Christian Center, protesters held a sign, “Queer Alert: Fighting for Freedom From Religion.”

1993: Twelve years after AIDS hit, they demonstrated in Washington, “reeling in anger and despair” over five of their members who died of the sexually transmitted disease.

1993: The Sisters were banned from the March on Washington’s stage for being “too controversial and not the appropriate image” for C-Span and “the movement.”

1993: The Sisters are seen as so offensive that they incur the wrath of Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, the authors of a landmark book on gays, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s. They say of the Sisters, “‘Fringe’ gay groups ought to have the tact to withdraw voluntarily from public appearance at gay parades, marches, and rallies, but they don’t care whether they fatally compromise the rest of us.”

1994: They served “holy communion wafers and tequila” to the congregation at a mock Mass.

1999: On the cover of the April 1, 1999 edition of the San Francisco Bay Times there was a full-page picture of a Sister superimposed on a cross-like photo with his hands stretched out, imitating Jesus on the Cross.

2000: In San Francisco, they held a Good Friday event where they sponsored a fetish fashion show that provided “a chance to get spanked and free “Sticky Buns.” Dr. Carol Queen held her “Good Vibrations Dildo Fashion Show.”

2001: I petitioned the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of the Sisters, citing multiple examples of “vulgar, obscene and bigoted material against the Catholic Church and its members.”

2002: They celebrated Easter with an “Indulgence in the Park” event that featured a “clown-drag-nun” fundraiser, along with the annual “Hunky Jesus” contest.

2004: They spent the entire month of December bashing Christmas in Los Angeles.

2008: San Diego House of the Sisters—The Asylum of the Tortured Heart, which was founded in 2005, held a “Midnight Confessional Contest” that gave prizes to those with the “hottest confessions.” It was held in a gay bar.

2009: They held a block party in San Francisco where some of the men danced naked in the street.

2010: At the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts winter gala, the Sisters were asked to perform six musical acts in a “Nunway Noir” drag fashion show where attendees could “bask in the bloody gore of occult film screenings.”

2011: In a Daily Beast column, gay writer Andrew Sullivan called the Sisters’ “Hunky Jesus” event a form of “blasphemy.” He was so angry at  them that he said, “This makes me feel like Bill Donohue.”

2018: The Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon hosted “Drag Queen Storytime with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” despite their history of anti-Catholicism. The event explicitly targeted kids 2-6.

2022: The Sisters gave an award for featuring Lil Hot Mess, “a man who dresses as a woman for children and one of the leading activists behind Drag Queen Story Hour.”

2023: A Sister won the “Free Choice Mary” pro-abortion award. The man, dressed with a nun’s veil, wearing a bra and panties, was featured holding a baby doll with a sign, “I Had A Choice.”

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