LA Mayoral Candidate Will Eliminate Police -“Watchdogs” of White Supremacy


Gina Viola is running for mayor of Los Angeles and we don’t doubt she will be a favorite of George Soros’s. She calls police and other law enforcement the “watchdogs” of White supremacy.

Candidate Gina Viola

Viola describes herself as an “abolitionist” and a member of “White People 4 Black Lives”.

Viola hopes to replace Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is term-limited.

The frontrunner candidates support adding police to deal with the rising crime rate in Los Angeles, but not Viola.

Even for California she’s radical and is backed by several Black Lives Matter leaders. Viola pledges to eliminate the Los Angeles Police Department over time and put the funding in social services – welfare.

Viola told the Los Angeles Times in a recent interview published Monday, “I’m sorry, a vote for Rick Caruso is a vote for White supremacy. White supremacy is codified into our legal system created to build White wealth, and law enforcement is its watchdog.”

All those Asian people beaten up in San Fran and LA must be victims of the police. Oh, no, wait…

If you’re not unhoused (homeless), you can’t know how to deal with it, according to her.

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