LA National Guard takes a knee


Some of the National Guard in LA chatted with a young black woman who wanted them to march with them. She is likely sincere and definitely very wrong.

They agreed to march with them through the crosswalk but couldn’t leave their post. After some urging from the crowd, one went down on bended knee. They all cheered.

The symbolism of that is anti-police, anti-America. This isn’t a movement about four bad cops. It’s an anti-police, anti-America movement. Once these communists control law enforcement, the country is lost. We are under attack from every possible route.

This is a civil war, and the communists/socialists are winning. Ignorance is part of the problem.


Last night, the LA police chief, Michael Moore made an odd statement. He said the death of George Floyd was as much on these rioters/criminals’ hands as it is on those officers. He walked it back but Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other communist groups want him fired.

It’s not clear what he was trying to say, but the one thing he did get right was, this is a Civil War. It’s good to hear someone admit it. Right now, the traditional Americans are losing, and many have no idea that it’s a takeover by the hardcore left.


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