Black man murdered while protecting a store but there are no protesters


Why aren’t we hearing about David Dorn, a black man whose life mattered too? Where are the Democrats on this? The retired police chief, a 77-year-old man, was shot by a thug as he guarded a friend’s store. He died on the sidewalk Monday night. This took place as the protests turned violent.

There is not a word about the murdered black man, David Dorn, from Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Schiff, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and when his name is mentioned in the media, it’s only in the context of George Floyd and bad cops.


St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden told reporters that Mr. Dorn, a father of five, had been a “fine captain” and was looked up to by the department’s younger officers.

Retired St. Louis City Police officer David Ellison said Dorn had helped him escape poverty and become a police officer.

“Dave Dorn was a great man. He was fair — the sharpest, cleanest guy,” he said.

About $154,000 has been raised for Mr. Dorn so far. George Floyd’s family will win millions. To be fair, he did commit a low-level crime while high on Fentanyl and meth. Why isn’t the former police chief who defended and protected Americans at least as important as Mr. Floyd?

Where are the protesters?

No Democrats honored him. President Trump honored him.

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