LA Sheriff Will NOT Enforce Vax Mandates on Officers & They Won’t be Vax Police


LA County Sheriff Villanueva is a Democrat and is vaxxed. He is NOT anti-vaccine but he will not support the mandate. At least his officers will not.

Sheriff Villanueva said that if his officers don’t want to get vaccinated, he won’t force them. Instead, he will continue to have them submit to weekly tests.

The mandate would cost him good officers who will resign rather than get vaccinated.

He complained that the goal posts keep moving and he won’t impose medical decisions on his staff.

“In 2020, the whole thing pre-vaccination was ICU bed capacity and ventilators. Then somehow once the vaccination became available, all of a sudden now we’re not talking about ICUs anymore. Now it became ’emergency room’.  And then after that, now it’s hospitalization. So they’re moving the goalposts but the fact is we cannot impose a medical decision on each employee. They’re going to have to make that decision themselves,” he said.

In his opinion, as far as businesses are concerned, it’s up to them and his staff won’t become the vaccine police.

[We can see how that worked out in Australia!]


Speaking of Australia. It is very disappointing to see the direction Aussies are going in. In the US, we envision Crocodile Dundee when we think of Aussies, but they’re more like the Chinese Communists apparently.

There is a new reopening mandate in the Northern Territory. Everyone who has any dealings with people at work has to get the jab or they won’t work. The punishment is a $5,000 fine.

There will be exceptions, and “simply not wanting it” is insufficient.

Not wanting it should be everything. Mankind has the inherent right to not obey a government forcing drugs into people. Who elected whom?

Australia has fallen.

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