CNN’s Lemon Covered Up De-Wormer Lie With More Lies


Americans know they’re being lied to by the media and the politicians. Joe Rogan knows it and shook things up on his radio show by confronting an unprepared Sanjay Gupta. After the show, Don Lemon had Sanjay on his show to cover up the lie with more lies.

The Story

Sanjay Gupta appeared on CNN with Don Lemon today. Don Lemon is trying to salvage Sanjay Gupta’s performance after Joe Rogan smacked him around. Also, Lemon shut Gupta down when he tried to say monoclonal antibodies helped Joe Rogan recover. That’s not the narrative!

CNN continually called ivermectin a de-wormer or a cow pill. The purpose was to deceive. In fact, it is a legitimate drug for malaria, parasites, and more. It’s safe. While it’s not approved for COVID in the US, it is used in other countries, sometimes for COV. It is used in Africa — more on that below.

Basically, CNN is trying to cover up a lie by lying:


Joe Rogan confronted Gupta with the truth and Gupta, CNN’s chief medical adviser, was unprepared.

Mr. Rogan began with the stats of young people and vaccines:

So, Rogan confronted him with the CNN lie:

Lastly, Rogan got to another truth CNN can’t deal with:


Ivermectin is in wide use in Africa for other diseases, and they have a far better success record with COV, perhaps coincidentally. The issue was addressed in one non-peer reviewed story.

Scientists don’t know why the COV numbers are lower in Africa. Ivermectin interventions are used for onchocerciasis in Africa. This team looked into it.

They conducted a retrospective statistical analysis study of the impact of ivermectin against COVID-19 between the 31 onchocerciasis-endemic countries using the community-directed treatment with ivermectin (CDTI) and the non-endemic 22 countries in Africa.

The conclusion: The morbidity and mortality in the onchocerciasis endemic countries are lesser than those in the non-endemic ones. The community-directed onchocerciasis treatment with ivermectin is the most reasonable explanation for the decrease in morbidity and fatality rate in Africa. In areas where ivermectin is distributed to and used by the entire population, it leads to a significant reduction in mortality.

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